Thursday, 8 April 2010

Belleau Kitchen becomes Belleau Garden...

planted the veg out today...

what a glorious spring day, fabulous sunshine all day! Took Holly down to the bluebell wood for a walk (bluebells not out yet) and then onto the local for lunch (does our world revolve around food?) and then onto the garden centre to pick up some natty new containers.

We've used peat-free organic compost and i've added some veg plant food so hopefully we'll get a bumper crop like last year.

I've planted 2 types of miniature salad leaves, radish, beetroot, carrots and spring onions...can't wait.

Last year we roasted the beetroot in balsamic vinegar, rosemary and olive oil and they kept in the fridge for weeks, chopping them up and adding them to salads. With the carrots we made soup. The salad leaves went on for weeks and weeks and I cannot begin to tell you about the wonderful satisfaction of growing your own... delicious!


  1. All my fruits and veg are planted now for the season. We have two large vegetable plots, 2 potato sacks, 2 tomato sacks and various fruit trees. I am trying to recreate what your mum did in her garden when we were growing up. lettuce is growing and carrots are begining the rest we wait....and wait.......
    Caroline Baum


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