Friday, 9 April 2010

Chicken Risotto Casserole

This is a favourite because it's so easy to make, cheap and so tasty...

I make it a lot but it's nice and healthy and hearty and it works all year round; in the winter its warming and unctuous with winter veg and melting chicken juices oozing into the globes of pearly rice... and in the summer I add wedges of lemon to the dish which pep the whole thing up making it zingy and alive with flavours.

We spent the day widening the boarders in the front garden to create more of a cottage garden look, so we're both knackered and well deserved of this delicious grub.

Again, a veggie version for The Viking. Just substituted the chicken for some Quorn fillets and i'm using white wine and a Bouillon vegetable stock for both anyway...

Ingredients: (all rough's how you like it)

4 x Chicken Thighs (or veggie substitute)
2 carrots
2 onions
3 sticks of celery
frozen peas
olive oil / s&p
glass of white wine
good risotto rice (arborio or similar)
veg stock

- roughly chop all the veg and place in a casserole dish or pie dish, season and drizzle with oil, lay the chicken thighs on top and season again.
- cover and roast for 30 mins or till tender.
- remove foil and add a pint of stock and roast for a further 15mins
- add a handful of rice and roast again until rice is al dente (25mins?)

I throw a handful of frozen peas in at the end to freshen it all up.


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