Friday, 21 May 2010

see how my garden grows

having scoured the blogasphere i now realise that the photography on my site is just not up to scratch and I need to do something about it... all these wonderful aromas and tantalising tastes cannot be transmitted down the wire but with quality photography I can at least attempt to portray some of the sensualness of the food.

so i'd like to introduce to you, my dear readers, the canon EOSD.  She's a fancy looking beast of a camera and she's not mine.  She belongs to The Viking and i cannot tell you the heartache i've just been through for him to allow me to use it but I believe the results speak for themselves... (or translated: gives me an excuse to do even more cooking just so I can capture the images on the new camera!)

as you can see, Belleau Garden is coming along leaps and bounds... the salads are bunching and I need to think about thinning them out... I even have a couple of radish that look ready for picking, but I think i'll hold on for a week or two more.

I have mini gooseberries budding on the bush and the strawberries are in full bloom with the promise of plenty of fruit to come... my carrots are going crazy and I need to thin them out or i'll end up with tiny carrots like last year..

but i'm most excited about the beetroot... can't wait to bake them in olive oil and balsamic vinegar... what a treat!


  1. Hope there will be plenty of home grwn food for my birthday weekend x

  2. Hey Dominic -

    Actually the pancakes are really tasty! I ought to make them again just to be sure and then be nicer about them.

    The links is a programme called "Link Within" -I'm pretty sure I just Googled it. It can't have been hard because I'm no whizz... x

  3. Oh, and I think it's nice to see the person who's writing to you. But I don't think it's essential x


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