Friday, 11 June 2010

The Aby Village Show 2010 - Saturday 21st August

No, you haven't opened some kind of time-travelling blog web page thingy...

...This, is deadly serious.

So serious in fact that I'm starting to write this months in advance of the actual show itself in August,  in order to give myself plenty of time on the actual day of the event to create the heavenly items I need to make to win at The Aby Village Show.

Now, if you know anything about village life... (or have ever watched a single episode of The Vicar of Dibley) you'll know just how important a date in the calendar The Village Show is and therefore you can imagine just how devastated I was last year when I was pipped to the first prize post in the 'fruit scone' section of the competition by mother and daughter duo Elaine and Davina (evil coven from the village) because of my giant scones being too large and perfectly risen to fit into the mouth of the little old dear who judged the competition.

no seriously... I came third...!  The note left behind by the judge, placed next to my plate of scones read: 'delicious, perfect texture but scone should be smaller.' .... indeed.

I've got to say, although in my heart of hearts I'm totally bitter about not winning, we did have an absolute scream on the day of the show and Elaine graciously gave me her winning scone recipe and even painted the most delightful scone picture, which I truly treasure.... although some have said she's simply rubbing it in... I could never be so cynical.

...last year was a first for me... a dabble into the world of the village show and with just one entry and an almighty ego how could I have possibly thought I'd win...? well CHOKE ON THIS old lady... this year I'm entering every cooking related section of the show possible... and I plan multiple wins!

I will perfect the best recipes for each section even if it kills me putting on weight to do it.

The biggest news is that, this year, the local committee of like-minded clever-clogs, have decided to take the fruit scone section out of the village show, so I cannot, even in vain, attempt to win back my pride.. I mean prize... i mean pride... oh heck!

So, on the list we have:

1lb of jam any variety (growing strawberries as we speak)
1lb of lemon curd (if I can make rhubarb curd, I can curd anything!)
1lb chutney any variety (may have to look this one up...)
1 chocolate sandwich cake - 3 eggs, butter cream filling, no topping (sounds dull but i think I can handle it)
4 decorated individual sponge buns (fairy cakes a speciality so I should have this one covered and i can get creative with the topping)
1 small fruit cake (um... not sure about this but i'll give it a go)
1 round of shortbread (got this covered...)
1 cottage loaf, white or brown (not 100% sure what a cottage loaf is but I think this will be fun)
1 fruit pie, min of 7" round (need to chose the fruit.. i'm thinking cherry or apple and blackberry)
6 biscuits (I could get creative here, so should be fun)

So, I think I'm OK on some, others I may scour my cook books or the net to find the best recipe... or if any of you out there have a great recipe for any of the above, please let me know and i'll trial it for the big day.

This week I will have a go at the cottage loaf and perhaps the fruit pie... so watch this space!


  1. Dom, i had a delicious strawberry and rhubarb pie it was devine goes well together. Maybe try with your strawberries if they are sweet enough.
    Caroline Xx

  2. Dom -does the pie have to be a covered one?
    if not you could just top fruit with strusl topping - rhubarb & raspberry, apple & bramble,
    halved plums stoned with stone side up are all really good or my apple one using stewed apple(with raisons/sultanas & cinnamon added when cooked) with thin apple slices on top & covered with an apricot glaze.
    love Mummyx

  3. Yes, has to be traditional 'pie'.. i'm thinking of doing your apple and bramble one but with a sweet shortcrust pastry lid xxx


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