Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Chocolate and Marmalade Muffins

just a quick one before I get on a plane to the sunny island of Majorca!...

Made these last night because The V was nagging for something sweet ... do you like the way I always blame him for my sweet tooth?

They took literally seconds to make and were thrown together from what I had in the cupboard (which wasn't much as it happens this time... I think I need to do a larder re-stock when I get back.)

I like playing this game though... What you do is find your recipe for muffins (mine was from Nigella Bites and it's for banana and butterscotch) and replace what you don't have for what you do have... so you open the fridge really quickly grab two items that you think will work.  In my case it was some cocoa powder and a half eaten jar of marmalade!


250g Plain Flour
100g caster sugar
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
125 ml vegetable oil
half a jar of marmalade
2 large spoons of cocoa powder
the juice and grated zest of one orange

beat the eggs into the oil then add it to the flour, sugar, bicarn and baking powder and mix in a large bowl.  Don't worry about perfection here, there's something about muffins that seem to thrive on lumps and mess.
Then add the cocoa powder, marmalade and orange juice and zest and mix it all up.
Add to muffin cases and bake on 200c for about 20mins.

So easy, so perfect for that midnight snack attack!

eat and of course, enjoy


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  2. Thanks for this recipe, Dominic. You visited my blog, so I thought I'd check yours out - what lovely recipes - simple and seasonal - just perfect.

    We have a couple of jars of my other half's marmalade that weren't exactly perfect - so I just want to use them up - this recipe will be great. I'm off to do it now!

  3. Thanks Kate. There's also great recipes for a very light marmalade cake and marmalade roast chicken!!

  4. I do love cooking with marmelade, will be definitely trying your muffins out! Think muffin recipes are so good for tarting up, always good to experiment!


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