Friday, 11 June 2010

see how my garden grows....

the salad box in the garden

the sun has made a rare June appearance and I thought it an opportune moment to capture the sudden growth in the garden.

I also bought a salad spinner today (oh how times have changed...) which I'm very proud of....

freshly spun with natty new spinner

little courgettes

beetroot... another couple of weeks I think... but I can eat the leaves now!

these are going to be beauties!


  1. I am full of admiration for anyone who can grow their own food - I can't even keep my small herb patch weeded!!

  2. I made a garden herb pesto today from all the herbs we grow and it was so good...!

  3. Those photos are really exquisite- are you a professional??

  4. thank you Em, actually I have a very good camera... it does all the work for me. x

  5. That reminds me - must get sald spinner, now that I have all these leaves to eat, never actually used one before, can you recommend the one you use? How does it avoid spraying lettucy water all over you and the kitchen?

  6. oh for goodness sake Alex, the spinner basket is contained within an outer container... imagine a jug in a jug, but the inner jug spins... and it has a lid... or lord! I bought mine in our local kitchen shop, they range from very cheap to very expensive but you can purchase them in most supermarkets or argos... in fact here's one for £4.99 from argos:


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