Friday, 16 July 2010

2 things to share with you...

I have a lot planned for food this weekend with Gina and Jane coming to visit but I'll either get very drunk tonight and not manage much over the next few days or I'll be good and my culinary creative juices will flow...

Obviously I want to impress with home baked bread, something fabulous for a beach picnic and some kind of cakey thing (I'm still thinking of those lemonade scones...) but we have little over 24 hours with them and we are still in London, so not quite sure when it's all supposed to happen...

... oh and we've finally ditched the dreadful Talk Talk and their stop-start broadband crap and have taken Sky Broadband on for a trial... the switch-over happened yesterday and we've not been back to the cottage to test it yet, so it's possible I wont have any Internet for a while!

in the meantime, I have 2 things to share with you from my week in London... now you know I don't usually do restaurant reviews but I wanted to show you the fish and chips I had at The Island in Kensal Green.

I met up with dear Eleanor and we drank and laughed and ate fish and chips... the fish was excellent and moist, with a dark, golden, crisp batter.  The chips were more like mini roasties than a chip but this didn't
exactly bother me and they were served with a mushy pea smear on the plate, which was also very tasty
although I could have done with twice the amount.

the other thing is this fabulous veg medley that mum has made for a dinner party she is throwing (without me) tonight...

How simple is this, yet it looks like little roasted jewels in a dish?  it's courgettes, baby plum tomatoes, aubergine and mushrooms, all roasted in separate dishes and then thrown together to be served.  The house smells intoxicating!

That's it for now...

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Wish I were going to your Mum's dinner party!!!!

    Enjoy the weekend :-}

  2. I'm with BVG. I guess the secret is in roasting all the veg separately rather than having a homogenous mass which is how it generally turns out if I do this. Thanks for the tip. Hope the weekend pans out well foodwise - I'm sure it will.

  3. Looks fab, wish my Mum had been able to cook like that...

  4. bless you all... she will be pleased and very big headed for the next ... oh forever! Its her birthday next weekend so I need a birthday cake recipe... ladies?

  5. I want that veg medley NOW- for my breakfast and everything with loads of couscous and herb dips and pitta bread. I am drooling again...

    Birthday cakes... well, does your mum like chocolate cake? If so, I always used to make brownies for my mum and then pile them up into a ramshackle mound in the centre of the table and stud some of them with candles. It looks very cute.
    Now though, I have discovered Nigella Lawson's Chocolate gingerbread (which even my brother who claims not to like chocolate will devour) so I make that (without the icing) and I pile them up and set the candles in them instead. It is very sticky but honestly it doesn't hang around long enough in the pile to get stuck together, if you know what I mean!

    Recipe is in FEAST (I've never met anyone who didn't like it, it really is good) x

  6. What can I say about cakes - have a look at my blog!

  7. Thanks for the ideas guys (and Choclette... there are just too many things to chose from on your fab blog) I like Em's idea about the brownies, it's fun and simple and I also have to take into consideration my niece who is a celiac, so I can make a bunch of wheat free brownies too and she wont feel like she's missing out!


  8. It does look like jewels, looks very appealing!


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