Monday, 19 July 2010

life is quite literally a bowl of cherries!

look at these beauties....!

as I've mentioned previously there is a certain lane between here and Louth where about 6 or 7 cherry trees grow by the side of the road... it's been weeks but they are finally that perfect deep, dark red colour.... so I'm on my way back from the gym this morning and I just couldn't resist pulling over and harvesting a few... which turned into a few pounds!  I didn't even need to get out of the car... just rolled down the window and reached out, so heavy were the branches with their offerings...

Well... they'd be bird food otherwise and there is simply nothing better than reaping the benefits of natures bounty.... and this is all from one tree, I need to go back today or they'll be eaten, or rot on the tree...

... so here's my dilemma... I just love cherries, so do I simply eat them from the bowl or turn them into something fabulous like a pie?  Oh decisions decisions....


  1. Oh Clafoutis!!!!!!

    Actually gobble up all this lot THEN make clafoutis with the next lot.

    Cherries are really expensive here, lucky, lucky you that can just go out and pick some:-}

  2. Do you have Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream in the UK? They make a variety called Cherry Garcia ( they were always Grateful Dead Heads!) in honor of Jerry Garcia ... anyway, it's vanilla ice cream with cherry chunks and dark chocolate chunks folded into it ... so incredibly delicious! It would taste positively fantastic nestled next to a piece of cherry pie!

  3. oooh.. LOVE Ben and Jerry's... maybe home-made cherry ice cream WITH clafoutis!!!!

  4. Yes- All of the ideas above! Cherry García's my fave *ever* bought ice-cream- you are very lucky to be able to just pick wild cherries. My mum grows some, but not enough to make a pie out of.

  5. Fresh cherries are lovely, and I am a fan of white cherries, hard to find but worth the hunt.

  6. How wonderful, those cherries look just gorgeous. So you have your own private drive in pick your own facility - shhh or I might be tempted to make the 600 mile round trip to scrump my own.


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