Friday, 2 July 2010

Pardon the Padron

all packed away and tidy...

... in true 'Shirley Valentine' style we met a lovely couple whilst on holiday... however they were no Dougie and Jeanette... although for the 48 hours we enjoyed together;  trading stories, nice places to visit, putting the world to rights and of-course recommending good restaurants to eat in... we did our fair share of sticking together like The British tend to do...  Tony and Allison very generously took us out for dinner to a lovely little restaurant tucked away in the narrow streets of old Pollensa town... they even suggested that we all order the vegetarian paella (The Big V was ecstatic...) as they had been recommended it themselves from a local who ate there regularly... and it was good.

The chef had clearly thought about making it authentic in essence, but without the meat or fish... something which the Spanish can be quite stubborn about... but this dish was excellent in texture and taste.  It had apple, raisins, walnuts, carrots and what I think was a black bean sauce to add that sweet but salty flavour that you expect from a paella.

We started with the obligatory Pimientos de Padron which are fat, mild, chili pepper from the Padron region of Spain that are fried and covered in salt... very very good...  I think I may be making this meal over the summer... so watch this space!

But what I think both the Big V and I loved most about this meal was the wonderful, generous company, the shared knowledge of a good meal and the fact that we now owe them a meal in some hidden place, somewhere in the world!

I did make a couple of meals at the apartment whilst we were there... we found some fabulous local asparagus and some great big fat plum tomatoes so I made a salad or two and I also cobbled together these toasted mini bruschetta using a strong local cheese, tomato and a home-made aioli...

and I couldn't not include an little bit about my favourite ice-cream vendor... I mentioned him previously and how he's probably been making and selling ice cream for over 50 years and it's damn good ice-cream... most evening you'd find us wandering down Pine Walk, picking up a scoop or two and then walking past the huge boats in the port and dreaming of sailing away... top flavours this year were Mandarin and Raspberry... Coffee... Rum and Raisin... Cherry Cheescake... Hazelnut and Chocolate Mint.... all home-made and all mouth-watering!

well... it's back to the Kitchen for me now and armed with inspiration I hope to create some sumptuous dishes over the next few weeks... bringing a little bit of that Spanish sunshine into our home... and  I also have a LOT of blogs to catch up on...

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. It's so nice to hear about unexpected kindnesses too.

  2. So glad you had a wonderful time. I love it when you said you owe them a meal somewhere, sometime...what a lovely sentiment. And your 'cobbled-together' bruschetta looks pretty fabulous. I've been awaiting your return for the roast potato challenge...I think I have some corkers! (no double entendre intended...)


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