Saturday, 31 July 2010

pizza field mushrooms

I'll be very very drunk by the time I'd really want to post this, so i'm writing it earlier in the day and will add the photo once the dish is ready... not that you'll notice any difference, I just want you all to be in on the loop...

...oh not another weekend of alcohol fuelled nonsense from Belleau Kitchen i hear you cry... I promise you this is not a weekly thing.. oh... ok... it is a weekly thing but what you don't understand is that we only have friends who are absolute soaked lushes... so what are we to do?...

ok... so I've adapted this from my own recipe for garden pesto field mushrooms and was inspired by our guest Peter's desire for pizza with no carbs... if I don't say so myself it's a little masterstroke of genius... I mean.. how do I make a pizza with no carbs?  place the pizza toppings onto giant field mushrooms and there you have it... all the cheesy, tomato pizzaness off a pizza... sans carbs.... a mushroom bruschetta if you will.

I know it's total over-indulgence on my guests but why not?  It gives me a good excuse to get creative and these are not exactly hard to make...

you start with a classic slow cook tomato sauce then pre-bake the well seasoned and oiled large mushrooms in the oven for about 10 mins on each side, just to get them soft and ready for the toppings... once you're hungry, spread the sauce over the mushroom (gills up) and then add whatever other toppings you like... some nice fresh mozzarella, peppers, spicy sausage... the world is quite literally your oyster... oooh, oysters... and bake till cheese is nice and golden.

I also whipped up a simple Total Greek Yoghurt Sundae very simply with some berries (raspberries, blueberries and cherries) honey and a little sugar... very fresh and clean and the perfect end to the meal.

eat, drink and of course, enjoy!



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