Saturday, 3 July 2010

see how my garden explodes

you would not believe how the garden has exploded with growth over the week that we were away... I have mini courgettes and the carrots have gone bonkers... although i think I've totally overcrowded them and will no doubt end up with mini carrots, which i shall call 'baby' carrots and to hell with it!

I simply cannot wait to start cooking with everything... i'm enjoying scouring recipe books in anticipation... I was perhaps slightly over-excited about the prospect of the veg and picked one beetroot and one carrot and as you can see...  it think I have a while to go...

also, it seems we have a strawberry thief in the village... just as they turn red they magically disappear.  I'm assuming it's a bird but if you read in the news about a spate of garden related murders in Lincolnshire you know I've caught the neighbours at it!

made a salad with British asparagus, home grown lettuce, mozzarella and olives for lunch.  I can't get enough of the asparagus and I think I'll attempt growing my own next year... if i'm allowed the room in the garden!

eat and of course, enjoy!



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