Friday, 20 August 2010

The Aby Village Show - part 2

Just a quick update to show you what I managed today....

... it is amazing how you can both get so much done and also so little!  I tried to be stress free, relax and enjoy the experience but it can get so messy in the kitchen, both actually and mentally and I had so many recipes going round the brain... and trying to remember to photograph everything...

... anyway... my toughest decision was to make it all today or make it in the morning... but it's all about timings and whilst i'd like it all to be as fresh as a daisy it's totally impossible.

But I've got quite a bit done...

swiss meringue buttercream for both the cupcakes and the chocolate sandwich cake

red velvet cupcakes... ready for the icing

chocolate victoria sponge sandwich cake

my dough has risen for the cottage loaf

so... everything's ready to be decorated for tomorrow... i'll make my scones fresh in the morning and i'm going to make a shortbread round tonight... but do I make my bread now or in the morning?  If I form it into the bread shape, will it keep fresh till the morning before baking?




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