Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Aby Village Show - part 3

today's the day!  It's all very exciting... I can feel the tension in the air...

... I could say things like...'it's only the local village show'... and ... ' it's just cooking, relax, don't worry'... but I know i'd be lying to myself.... our little community is so important to us here and I love being a part of it and this is just another way for us to be involved and have fun.

I've had a couple of kitchen disasters... I still can't bloody well pipe icing exactly how I want it to be (even though I slaved and slaved over the icing recipe...) and it always ends up spooned on... and my chocolate sponge cake doesn't look quite like I was expecting... but what can you do eh?

I need to submit my entries by 11am, then the judging happens, then at 2pm the show is open to the public and we all go over to see who's won... followed by an auction of all the product... an absolute blast...

... and so finally I can reveal that representing Belleau Kitchen 2010 we have:

Miss Cottage Loaf

Miss Chocolate Sponge Sandwich with Buttercream filling

Miss Red Velvet Cupcakes with Buttercream icing and lavander flowers

Miss Four Fruit Scones

Miss Shortbread Round

i'll report back later today... can't wait for the fun to begin... wish me luck...

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Good luck!

    Can I bid for the shortbread round?


  2. Good luck! Everything looks gorgeous. :)

  3. Everything looks good enough to eat. The shortcake round looks so professional.
    Good luck
    LoL mummyx

  4. Good luck. I could just tuck in to one of those scones right now.

  5. Wow, Miss Shortbread will surely be the star of the show - you figured it out then? I wouldn't mind putting a bid in for that too.

  6. Oh I am rooting for you - look at your shortbread! It looks like lace. The cottage loaves are rather beautiful too!

  7. I want a piece of that shortcake! Looks so scrumptious! Miss Cottage Loaf looks good too! You have a lovely blog!:D

  8. No, no that shortbread is MINE!!!!!!

    Everythin looks wonderful. Can't wait to see all the medals!

  9. Good luck for the show!!!! It sounds really good fun!!!!!
    Thanks for the comment on my blo....if you want I can give you the recipe in english of that bread!!!

  10. Thanks ALL!!! Hysterical day had by all... new post tells it like it is...


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