Monday, 16 August 2010

Banana Loaf bread and butter pudding

this has got to stop...

... I think my mother is trying to fatten me up... and it's got to stop.  Every time she comes up to the cottage she brings something fabulous from her kitchen, usually a cake or some other sticky sweet goodies.... and since starting this blog I'm sure i've piled on the pounds... after today I feel I may have to resist the puddings and stick with the savoury dishes for a while... not quite a diet but perhaps a conscious effort to cut back the sugar...

this week mum brought a banana loaf with her, the recipe for which you can find here... it's a damn fine cake on it's own but a lot to get through for just the two of us so The Viking, who seems to be on some kind of baking trip this weekend, suggested making bread and butter pudding with the half loaf we hadn't managed to munch through... yes dear reader, we turned a very sweet banana and raisin loaf into an even sweeter, deadlier pudding, covered in an eggy custard... the only way, I find, to kick start a diet!

once you've made your loaf and eaten half of it, cut it into slices and butter both sides of each slice.  Layer it into an oven-proof dish, sprinkling cinnamon as you layer.  Then make the custard recipe below (it's taken from Delia's Complete Cookery Course) and pour it all over the dish and bake for 30mins on 180c or until set.

custard recipe for a bread and butter pudding

12fl oz milk (or 10fl oz milk and 2 fl oz of double cream)
2oz caster sugar
3 eggs (beaten)
a dash of vanilla extract

simply mix it all together and pour onto the pudding and bake... so easy, so deadly!

eat and of course, enjoy!



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