Monday, 23 August 2010

Free-Range Carrots - roasted carrot and coriander soup

this year i decided to plant my carrots slightly ad-hoc in style and so threw loads of seeds into the planter, with plans to thin them out as and when... obviously this didn't happen and I've ended up with a bumper crop of mini-carrots... but the other strange thing is that they also seem to have sprouted in some other unusual places.... places that, as far as I remember, weren't their original destination...

... they've cropped up in between the cracks in the patio, in the clematis planter (a good 3 metres away) and in the flower boarder across the lawn... now, either I've been careless with my packet of carrot seeds and sneezed whilst sowing, or I have the worlds first free-range carrots...

always wonderful in many dishes, from the ubiquitous (and in my opinion, decidedly dull) carrot and coriander soup to the naughty but nice carrot cake muffins... and for today's delight I've done a soup which is a little twist on the norm as I've roasted the carrots first with some garlic, fennel seeds and rosemary and then blended them into a rich, deep, tasty soup with, I think, a bit more body and punch.

I finely chopped and in a heavy pan I sauted a medium onion in butter and olive oil, I also threw in some straggly bits of celery I found in the fridge.  The carrots took about 35 minutes to roast and then they were added to the pan followed by about a pint and a half of good veg stock.  I gave the soup a further 30 minutes and then threw in some fresh coriander and whizzed the whole thing up into a smooth velvety soup....  a dollop or two of cream and we're in carrot heaven!

eat and of course, enjoy!



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