Saturday, 28 August 2010

mini quiches for Paula and Graeme

Paula and Graeme are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this weekend and are throwing a little party at home... as is traditional with these kinds of parties we all tend to muck-in and bring food....  It's a lovely way to throw a party and it takes the stress and emphasis off the hosts, so they can sit back and relax and have as much fun as the guests.

i've decided to make these little tartlets... they're so simple to make and usually get snaffled up pretty quickly... i'm using my usual quiche recipe but instead of mixing the cooked veg with the cream and eggs before it's poured into the pastry case, I like to carefully spoon the cooked veg in first, dividing the ingredients evenly between the mini cases and then pouring a little of the mixture on top.

In other news...

... it may go a bit quiet from me for a week or so as The Viking and I are off to California... we start in LA mixing a bit of business with pleasure and then we're driving up the coast road to San Fran and then beyond to visit my dad who lives in Sonoma.  It's going to be an excellent trip, from the mad world of LA to the more gentle cool of Northern California... and of course plenty of eating and drinking along the way.  Plus I get to visit one of my most favourite restaurants in the world The Little Door in Los Angeles.

I will try and update with pictures and stories... but wish me bon voyage for now!



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