Sunday, 1 August 2010

neither breakfast nor lunch

... sometimes the only way to recover (from anything as wide ranging as a hangover, through non-specific illness to basic hunger) is with a classic fry up... but the bones were tired and I'm coming down with a cold... complete with blocked but runny nose, so the last thing I wanted to do was stand in front of the stove and cook... this brunch is basically 'breakfast in the oven' and apart from the toast and of course the scrambled eggs everything is baked to perfection... it's so easy.

...basically place everything in an oven proof dish and roast... start with the sausages, then as they start to bake add the mushrooms and bacon into the same dish... its a wonderfully easy idea and you do very little but enjoy the golden baked glory.

my sausages were Lincolnshire chipolatas and along with the un-smoked back bacon, came from our local butcher who recently won the BBC butcher of the year award... the bread was an amazing Gouda bread from the Cheese Shop in Louth, which had hunks of Gouda deeply embedded within it's hearty goodness... I also used the remainder of my rich tomato sauce made for the pizza on Friday...

...a far as the scrambled eggs are concerned I have very specific rules... which I follow to the letter and always have perfect successful eggs every time... that I picked up from HRH Delia... 2 eggs per person and one extra per meal and a splash of milk, whisked till fluffy, then poured into a heavy bottomed hot buttered pan... the trick is to whisk the eggs continuously... stopping only to occasionally remove the pan from the heat to keep it from sticking... you keep whisking till they are just before you like them (so for me this is slightly runny) and then take them off the heat till ready to serve as they will continue to set in the pan... don't season till after they are cooked or they will go grey... but then plenty of pepper... I'm about ready for bed and it's only 2pm...

eat and of course, enjoy!



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