Monday, 9 August 2010

Roast chicken wrapped in maple cured bacon

I love my job, I really do but there are some days when, dreaming of world domination, I wish I could tell my daffy clients to go stick it where the sun don't shine.... today for instance i've been searching for a venue that I know doesn't exist yet I go on searching, desperately trying to please the client... and the numb-skulls that work at these places... for goodness sake!...  WHY don't you know the capacity or ceiling height?!?! What is it you fucking do then?

... where's my cookbook and little shop selling fabulous things i've created in the kitchen?

... calm down... breath... well, dear reader, tonight for dinner we are having chicken thighs, smothered in cream-cheese and freshly torn basil and then wrapped in a wonderous maple-cured bacon that is wafting the most mouth-watering smells up through the house...

always on the search for something different to do with my beloved chicken thighs (so cheap and so tasty) I stumbled across this in one of those free-bee cookbooks that you get with coupons and this one was from Philadelphia Cream Cheese.... i've even done a veggie version for The Big V using Quorn sausages, smeared in the cream cheese and  wrapped in veggie bacon, although Lord knows what it'll taste like!  I think The Big V is getting a little fed up of me messing with his food...

... I don't think I need to explain how to make them (smother thighs in cream cheese and basil, s and p and then wrap in bacon... roast for at least an hour) but there you go.

happier boy now

eat and of course, enjoy!



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