Monday, 2 August 2010

scarlet risotto

I'm unwell today... I have a cold ... I have a sore throat...I don't like it... it makes me grumpy... our fridge smells of fish even though there has been no fish in it for months... I have a client who is expecting a treatment back for an event by tomorrow... not happy...

... and i'm expected to tweet now for goodness sake...

read this... then this... now look at the picture below...

that's what happens when it goes right and you grow your own beetroot and pick it on the day you cook with it... very pleased with myself... and now I'm going to bed...


  1. Wowzers. Trousers. Great colour. Delighted it has worked. It just goes to show my recipe wasn't a complete pile of poo.

  2. Looks really fantastic, you should be very pleased with yourself.

    Have some lemon and manuka honey and get well soon :-}}

  3. beautiful colour. i wish i was more of a fan of risottos, never been keen on them really but that looks lovely

  4. It's a hard life! Hope you have a better day today. Although you've made me feel grumpy now, reminding me how badly our beetroot has grown this year. We had a splendid year last year, but all I've managed this year are a couple of marble sized lumps - so no scarlet risotto for me.

  5. thanks Choclette... still got a crappy cold :o( however... don't fret... I overcrowded my beetroot grow box and all I got were golfball sized lumps... they still did the trick and they also roast whole perfectly x

  6. Hi Dom, this looks so tasty. I wish I could grow my own veg, but that seems a bit improbable as we're on the 36th floor! Maybe one day. Thanks for visiting over at my blog, and I updated the light box post with an extra picture to show you the new one I have recently made. Enjoy!

  7. Love the risotto.

    I've cooked a similar recipe from Risotto! Risotto! by Valentina Harris. Great book, I haven't cooked a duff recipe from it yet.

    Buttaz Blog
    PS Love the fact you invite people round just to try out recipes. I do exactly the same!

  8. Thanks Mark... been following your blog for a while and you always post the most useful blog tips, so thanks x

  9. Lovely risotto and the picture is great. Get well soon


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