Tuesday, 3 August 2010

think pink!

what a way to brighten up a dull day and make a poorly boy feel better... (did I mention I had a cold...?)

this is made of leftovers from the previous post, a highly visible scarlet risotto... beetroots always taste so intense and a further 12 hours in the fridge with the risotto has rendered them doubly tasty!... i've added a large dollop of Total Greek Yoghurt, a) because i've got sooo much of it in the fridge from being sent some by the lovely people at Traffic and b) because it lightens up the dish so beautifully in both colour and taste... the sourness of the yoghurt cuts through the salty tang of the risotto and compliments it perfectly.

I've sprinkled some finely chopped spring onion and radish for punch and bite... it's just a perfect little dish for poorly me... (did I mention... oh...)

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Tasty meal — is a good doctor! Get well! Best wishes!

  2. Get well soon! Are you really in Ny at the weekend? Jealous.

  3. Susan @ The Spice Garden4 August 2010 at 12:58

    Poor you! Feel better soon ... of course a summer cold is bound to last for several days. Drat! Drink tea! Eat well! Rest easy!

  4. What a very pretty dish that was!! Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I made beetroot risotto for supper tonight...Oh wow! it was incredible! My hubby isn't a HUUUGE fan of beetroot but...this risotto is so sweet and smooth and lovely! thanks! :)

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  7. Hope you're feeling better?

    Some things are just better the next day! Have you made risotto balls with the leftovers too? I can't remember the Italian name for them w/o looking it up but the spoonfuls of risotto are rolled in breadcrumbs etc and then deep fried.
    They're very nice as anything deep fried tends to be!

  8. oh Em... I totally forgot about risotto balls... of course! I LOVE them... now I need to bloody well make another risotto... shame!


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