Saturday, 25 September 2010

best birthday ever....

I feel totally privileged and honoured that I have such wonderful friends who all gathered at The Railway Tavern with me and The Viking (who shares the same birthday as me... believe it or not!) for dinner to celebrate my 40th birthday last night...

... we had a stonking time, the food was excellent... I worked with Dawn, the landlady to design my own menu with a choice of sausage and mash, chicken and mushroom pie or roast vegetable pie, followed by a choice of syrup sponge or apple crumble both served with custard of course... oh and 2 cakes made for us by our local friend Roz...

... everyone was very merry and apart from us being 30 minutes late for our own birthday party it all just happened more perfectly than I could have wished for... oh and we both got some AMAZING gifts as well... plenty of cookbooks, including some direct from the Women's Institute so I can gen up for next years village show... some wonderful Le cruset, a marvelous silver ceramic 'mock' pie-dish and a WHOLE Lincolnshire Poacher cheese... fab!

a very late night was had by all and apart from visiting some local Alpacas I've been busy baking some cupcakes for Nigel's 50th tonight... oh YES... birthday weekend continues tonight...

the recipe for these came from my new Martha Stewart Cupcakes recipe book given to me by my lovely cousin Caroline... but I adapted them of course as I used raspberries instead of pineapple as I had been inspired by Choclette over at Chocolate Log Blog... thank you...

Mother' Day Hummingbird Cupcakes

recipe... oh who am I kidding... i'm way too tired to write out the recipe today so just look it up here

eat and of course enjoy!... oh and thank you for all your very kind birthday wishes x


  1. What a special night you had. There is nothing like getting cooking STUFF for a gift. Two of my most favorite gifts besides of course my children and dog are my kitchenaid and my cuisinart. Nothing like a landmark birthday to get great gifts.

  2. Nice prezzie haul there Dom!!!

    Delighted you had such a great night, was with you in spirit (well wine!!)

    Enjoy the continued celebrations.

  3. sounds like a totally lovely birthday celebration! what colour le cruset did ya get? i am pining for a shallow casserole in aubergine...can't wait to see what you do with the cheese... happy birthday xx

  4. Lovin the cheese! happy birthday to both of you, looks like a great night - great menu as well for these autumn nights!

  5. Happy birthday for last week! I've always wanted to go to Lincolnshire. Those cupcakes look so tasty!

  6. So glad you had a proper celebration AND enjoyed it. What a magnificent cheese. Great to get so many lovely foodie gifts. Thanks also for crediting me - presumably for the shocking pink icing - aren't they fab. But what happened to the chocolate cake??? Happy new decade to you both.


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