Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sonoma part 1

Sonoma is a town about 40 miles north of San Francisco... my dad lives here with my step-mum Jette, brother Max and sister Matti...oh and not forgetting the Esther Williams of the dog world, Lilly the Golden Retriever... they live in one of those perfect, white picket fence type houses that you only ever see in the movies, except they live here for real and it all really does exist... its all very Martha Stewart meets Desperate Housewives... it's totally lovely...

... it's also famous for being part of Northern California's Wine Country... a big super-bonus!

... they also have fruit wot grows on trees wot we only get in supermarkets...

I love the fact that wherever you go in the world they have their local fruit trees... and what may seem totally exotic to us is really rather ordinary to them... but kiwi's... on trees... hanging over the swimming pool!... and peaches that you think... 'ooh, I fancy a peach' and open the front door, reach out, pluck a peach from a tree and eat it... and it tastes of peach and I mean PEACH!!!.... bliss.




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