Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Sonoma part 2 - wine tasting Sonoma style

I know as a foodie, I should be more into wine than I am but there's an ugly snobbery to the wine world that I find alienating and I've always thought that if you like something, that should be good enough... it takes a certain amount of OCD to truly appreciate which grape from which region and which year produces what kind of taste... it's all too much like mathematics for me...  and being drunk shouldn't be such hard work!

... however... I know what I like and armed with a little knowledge I can happily ask for a Pinot Grigio without blushing (there's a joke in there somewhere...)

the tasting table

... so it was with amusement and slight trepidation that The Viking and I accepted an invite with my Dad and Jette to go to their monthly wine tasting / gathering of friends as we knew the wines being tasted this month were red, which we both dislike...

Jette's tomato and leek galette

... it's a great way for friends to gather... a different host home each month... each invited couple brings food and also a bottle of the chosen grape.  This month the wines were Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley... the bottles are wrapped in foil to disguise their labels and then the blind tasting begins... obviously this is all done in the most laid-back Californian style... outside on the terrace in the fading warmth of the Sonoma night... we all had to sample the wine and then make written comments plus choose our favourite, runner up and least favourite... they had also hidden a French wine in the mix to throw us off the scent.

... some of us emptied our glasses into the central spittoon... you can tell by the volume of the spittoon how much wine went around the table... others drank each glass... we were all sozzled!

...of course I was more interested in the food... our host Charlotte had prepared two jumbo shrimp dishes which were delicious, plus there were some stunning cheeses and Jette made a tomato and sauteed leek galette which was delightful...

... all in all we met some lovely people and it was a thoroughly excellent way to be introduced into the world of Sonoma wine.



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