Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sonoma part 3 - coming home

... last day of the holiday always looms like the last Sunday evening before a new school year... it helps a bit when there's a lovely swimming pool and the Californian sun beating down on you but it's painful none the less.

our last evening was spent at a picnic at the Sonoma market, a weekly ritual for Sonoma locals who gather on the lawns of the village square, surrounded by fabulous fresh produce market stalls and a live band serenading our sandwiches... they just do Farmers Markets so well and oh so enticing!

we took our own sandwiches but for desert bought these delicious apple and blackberry galettes from one of the market stalls, they were very simple wrapped pastry tarts with a struesel topping... totally scrummy.

... and of course we could leave town without visiting the infamous Sonoma Dog Bakery for some 'pupcakes' for little Miss Golightly...

... it was a great holiday, with many lovely memories of many wonderful days, great meals with the best people... and I will take a lot of ideas back to the kitchen with me... soda bread, tomato galette, the perfect omelette, and not forgetting the basic but oh so American stacked sandwich!

... time to start cooking...


  1. I love the look of those farm produce, so colorful and fresh, mmm tat galette looks scrumptious.

  2. Safe travels! Happy you enjoyed your vacation in Cali!

  3. Vacations are wonderful but it's always nice to come home!!

  4. thanks guys... it is great to be home but I do miss the warm sunshine!

  5. Welcome home Dom - what a perfect holiday!

  6. Thanks BVG... soooooooooo many blogs to read and such little time!... by the way, the 40th birthday is not till next Friday (24th) so bake a cake and think of me!!!



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