Thursday, 7 October 2010

look at me ma... i'm on the telly!

... when I started this blog way back in the heady days of Spring my intention, other than cooking lovely things and writing about them, was for total world domination... the idea being that I do something i love, start writing about it... obsessively... become a bit of a blog nerd and slowly increase my disciples... I mean followers... until either the book publisher or the BBC calls with offers of my own show...

... two days ago part of my dastardly plan came to fruition when, whilst I sat with my white cat upon my knee, twirling my waxed mustache , the phone rang... and no, it wasn't the BBC but it was Richard from the Good Food Channel asking if I'd like to take part in the new series of Market Kitchen!

... they're re-formatting the show and each week they ask a panel of food 'experts' (a chef, a local producer, a celebrity and a food blogger) to sit around a dining table and discuss the food made on the show.  It's going to be more about local food from around the UK, which I think is a great idea and am always keen on celebrating!

They had been researching the food-blog world and had come across my site, liked the look of its 'local' spin and decided to give me a call...

... we start filming next week... I'm doing 2 shows... and they go out sometime in November...

... and I'm totally chuffed, delighted and gob-smacked!... I mean... look out Nigella, here comes Dom!



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