Sunday, 28 November 2010

bowl of purest green

... the problem with the foodblog is the food... all the lovely food...!

... I know i've moaned about this before but we're talking nearly a full stone since I started blogging this spring... and now it's coming up for Christmas and I have so much planned and most of it involves sugar and/or fat of some kind...( and there's no WAY i'm cutting back on Christmas treats...) plus there's the 'we should cocoa' monthly challenges (yes Chele and Choclette I AM blaming you for my increasing waisteline...)

... so... no more cupcakes... no more chocolate... no more pork belly... I have just under a month to get back on track... healthy eating and a bit of carb reduction...(sorry Lucretia... I promise to feed you but no bread till Christmas Eve...) but this doesn't mean dullsville... not in belleaukitchen... I can promise you some delicious, warming and very tempting healthy and fresh food... well it' a challenge I can try and stick to for a week at least...

... and we're going to start with a bowl of purest green... (last of the sourdough served to The Viking, not me!)

Pea and Rocket Soup

1 onion - finely chopped
1 medium leek - finely chopped
1 large carrot - finely chopped
1 large bunch of rocket (or you could use one of the supermarket bags)
1 small bag of frozen peas (frozen is better than fresh... we can discuss this at a later date)
2 pints good veg stock

- in a heavy pan saute the onions in butter and oil till soft, add the leek and carrot and saute further for a few mins more

- season with salt and pepper and some fresh herbs... I used rosemary which always works so well with pea, and then place the lid on and sweat the veg on a low heat till soft.

- add the peas, the stock and then the rocket and let it simmer for 20 mins.

- whizz with a handheld and serve

the rocket adds a peppery twist to the peas... lovely, warming and filling for another snowy day in Lincolnshire

eat and of course, enjoy!

- add salt and pepper


  1. I admire your resolution, Dom! Good luck!

    This looks a good start to a little more self control.

  2. Yum. I made celery soup for lunch and we are having Auntie Angela's marmalade chicken for supper - for the first time :-)

  3. Good luck with the chicken B. It burns very easily so watch it! You were amazing at Wills bday by the way xxx

  4. I'm delighted that I can now blame Chele and Choclette for my increasing girth!!!!!!

    Delicious start on the pre Christmas healthy eating plan.

  5. Oh you will be like twiggy for Christmas. I love your soup. I so agree about the frozen peas.:)

  6. Looks good Dom I shall try this soon........L mummyx

  7. The recipes look lovely. Happy 1. Advent.
    The Bavarian Christmas linky party is now open-won’t you come and join us at

  8. I admire your intention to slim it down a bit ... before packing it back with the Christmas sweets. Wish I was as focused as you! This soup looks just the start! Healthy and full of vitamins and minerals ... and low cal!

    It even looks like it would be great chilled ... with vodka ... and a touch of hot chili, which would defeat the weight loss thing. Sorry!

  9. What is a "stone" in "pounds" - I could Google it . . . I love pea soup! Hey, do you like cauliflower? I saw a great recipe for cauliflower soup! I haven't been posting much food lately, because like you, I'm REALLY trying to cut back! You've convinced me to start posting my "healthy" recipes! Maybe people will like them! Thank you for your kind words about my new front door.

  10. Golly - hard to lay off the comfort food when we plunged in this icy blast!

    I piled on the pounds when I had a pet sourdough - the bread is so delicious and it's so easy to pile it high with butter and jam or cheese!

    Wise move - just keep Lucretia in the fridge ;-)


  11. Teehee ... maybe we should set a low cal We Should Cocoa challenge, now that would be interesting! Lovely looking soup, just the tonic with all this snow!

  12. Looks nice; super colour!

    But.... why are frozen peas better?

  13. looks wonderful...i have tuscan white bean simmering away right now...smells good in here



  14. thanks all... was yummy!... just had a bowl of spiced red cabbage soup which a friend made for me... i will get the recipe and post soon...

    @ VegBoxBoy - they freeze the peas as they pick them in the field (I know this to be true because i have seen it with mine own eyes) so the freshness and goodness of the pea is instantly sealed in. Unless you grow your own peas and eat them the day they are picked, by the time they get to the supermarket they are at least 2 days old and the goodness has all but gone and the food value has greatly diminished.... fact!

  15. Like you I am trying to be good. Pureed veggie soups without creams are a wise choice. The soup sounds yummy and also looks appealing.

  16. Oh that looks really tasty! I make a pea and pesto soup (which is nowhere near as healthy I am sure) but tastes amazing. I actually prefer pea soup without bacon and made with frozen peas - the flavour is incredible.

  17. Thanks Becky... welcome on board... I rarely make meat based soups as i live with a Veggie... so I think the vegetable soups are so full of flavour anyway! x

  18. Oh that's a good one form me to try this week. I've just bought the ingredients for a creamy mushroom soup today. Good luck with the pre-Christmas healthy eating plan. Please don't give up pork belly though. Life wouldn't be worth living.

  19. I've never tried rocket in a soup before. I'm sure the peppery flavour goes really well with the peas. I too am going to try and have a healthy couple of weeks before Christmas makes it impossible. Good luck!

  20. Hey, I have broad shoulders - urhhh and possibly an increasing waistline, but .... it's Christmas!!!!


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