Sunday, 28 November 2010

bowl of purest green

... the problem with the foodblog is the food... all the lovely food...!

... I know i've moaned about this before but we're talking nearly a full stone since I started blogging this spring... and now it's coming up for Christmas and I have so much planned and most of it involves sugar and/or fat of some kind...( and there's no WAY i'm cutting back on Christmas treats...) plus there's the 'we should cocoa' monthly challenges (yes Chele and Choclette I AM blaming you for my increasing waisteline...)

... so... no more cupcakes... no more chocolate... no more pork belly... I have just under a month to get back on track... healthy eating and a bit of carb reduction...(sorry Lucretia... I promise to feed you but no bread till Christmas Eve...) but this doesn't mean dullsville... not in belleaukitchen... I can promise you some delicious, warming and very tempting healthy and fresh food... well it' a challenge I can try and stick to for a week at least...

... and we're going to start with a bowl of purest green... (last of the sourdough served to The Viking, not me!)

Pea and Rocket Soup

1 onion - finely chopped
1 medium leek - finely chopped
1 large carrot - finely chopped
1 large bunch of rocket (or you could use one of the supermarket bags)
1 small bag of frozen peas (frozen is better than fresh... we can discuss this at a later date)
2 pints good veg stock

- in a heavy pan saute the onions in butter and oil till soft, add the leek and carrot and saute further for a few mins more

- season with salt and pepper and some fresh herbs... I used rosemary which always works so well with pea, and then place the lid on and sweat the veg on a low heat till soft.

- add the peas, the stock and then the rocket and let it simmer for 20 mins.

- whizz with a handheld and serve

the rocket adds a peppery twist to the peas... lovely, warming and filling for another snowy day in Lincolnshire

eat and of course, enjoy!

- add salt and pepper



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