Saturday, 27 November 2010

death by cupcake

Martha Stewart's carrotcake cupcakes

... i don't think I have patience for this... when I was a kid I would always start a creative project with wild enthusiasm and such joy for life but, and I begin to realise this has clearly continued to be a repeated pattern into my adult years, would soon grow tired and frustrated with anything that needed fiddly control work or subtle detail...

... this is patently reflected in my style of cooking, which is more 'throw it into a pot' and see what happens, than detailed crimping or piping... i think its the reason why I only started baking bread this year... I just didn't have the patience... and it's probably why I just can't get the hang of icing cupcakes...

... I really want to create those amazing piped swirls but they simply wont come to me... and YES, I've patiently made stupid Italian Swiss German Latvian Meringue Butter Cream Stiff Peak Icing whatever...

Hummingbird Bakery's Red Velvet cupcakes

... I've read my Martha Stewart's Cupcakes cover to cover and I still can't get the hang of it... I even made a simple cream cheese frosting today which went wrong... too sloppy... how can it be?

... the cakes themselves taste awesome... even if I say so myself... and the good people of Aby, for whom they have been baked, for today's Christmas Bazaar, seem pretty happy... even though I think they look like the kind of cupcakes a child would make... I believe lessons may be in order...

... now how do I drop subtle hints to The Viking that that's what I'd like for Christmas?

dark red inside 

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. I feel your pain! If I am not instantly fabulous at something new I lose interest almost immediately. See also windsurfing, Half Life and knitting.

    This is the *only* reason I'll never earn money as a cake decorator.

  2. They look wonderful to me - not surprised that the people of Aby loved them.

    Any chance of the recipe??

  3. I'll do you a deal. You make me a sourdough starter that I can't kill and I'll ice your cupcakes for you ;0)

  4. No matter how they come out looking it's the thought and time that went into them - they were baked from the heart! And I know I wouldn't turn one down! You could start leaving literature around about local cooking classes, or start conversations with the Viking by saying "Did you know . . . cooking class are being held . . ." Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Your cupcakes look lovely hun, have you ever tried making a buttercream icing by eye? For 12 cupcakes start with about a stick of butter, add a few cups of icing sugar and mix. Then add a splash of milk, about 2 or 3 tbsp, just repeat (should be about 3 times), tasting all the way until you reach the desired consistency. I have always found this is the best way, also try a magnolia bakery frosting recipe, they tend to be rather sweet but great for piping. X

  6. Ha ha, I haven't got my head around trying the fancy piping stuff yet either, but it's on my New Year things I really ought to try list. Well impressed you've tried the fancy Italian meringue icing thing though - I still haven't quite had the nerve to try that. I so relate to the chuck it all together and hope for the best - sigh! But taste is all and sounds like everyone was well pleased with your cupcakes.

  7. When you find that you might be a little disappointed in something that didn't turn out as you have plan. Remember all the people who run out to the super stores and buy store bought bakery goods and really don't know what a home made cupcake taste like. I would take one of your home made cupcakes over a dozen of theirs any day of the weeks.

  8. I concur with many people don't even know what a homemade cupcake tastes like! When I taught in North Carolina in Raleigh, I made homemade chocolate chip cookies for my class for a Funday Friday afternoon activity and some of the children were in awe that I could make cookies! Eat your cupcakes with pride, Dom! And of course... enjoy!

  9. Cupcakes are an artform and yours look delicious!

  10. Well you're all too kind. Now I think you all think I only said what I said for a sympathy vote... but I agree that home made is still a force to be reckoned with! Hooray for us bakers!!!

  11. Dom...yum yum velvet are my all time favourite (our wedding cake was redvelvet)... I find cream cheese icing is hit and miss, sometimes it is stupidly runny and sometimes it is perfect!! I always start with half the icing sugar and beat that in really good, then slowly add the rest, and usually some more!!! also...i swear that it only works with proper full fat philadelphia cream store brand cheese is thick enough...but then again that might be my own prejudices! as for fancy piping, i am totally over it...just slather it on with a knife (or just shove it right into my mouth!) :) keep it up!!! :)

  12. Dom: Thanks for stopping by my blog! To address your cupcake icing woes--I never try for that swirly lovely icing. It's too much icing! Lovely to look at but I prefer mine with less icing and more cake.

    I'm looking forward to more visits to your English kitchen.



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