Sunday, 7 November 2010

honey, curry and satsuma chicken I set myself a chicken challenge a couple of weeks ago and i've been gathering some great recipes from all over the culinary world... the idea is to do wildly different and interesting recipes alongside some old favourites... but, as always, this is about the love of chicken, not a task or a trial... which is why this conversation took place about an hour ago...

...'Mum... I need an interesting thing to do with a whole chicken and quite frankly I can't be bothered to cut it into portions... what ideas have you got?'

...'what about marmalade chicken?'

...'no... done that a while back... need something else...'

...'what about honey and curry chicken?

...'oooh, what's that?...'

...'just make a paste with curry powder and honey and then rub it all over the chicken and roast it... easy'

...' yup, that'll do...'

... mum suggested I loosen the paste with orange juice, which I didn't have so have used some satsuma juice and quarters instead.  I also used some garlic and large chunks of fresh ginger liberally distributed about the bird to add to the fresh spice flavours of the curry and to compliment the honey.  A chopped carrot and onion should also gloriously add to the dish... roast it on a high oven wrapped in foil to stop the honey burning... remove the foil after an hour and turn the chicken over to sit on its breast for 15 mins, then turn back again to crisp up for the final 15 mins... very simple and packed with sweet honey and subtle curry flavours!

eat and of course, enjoy!



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