Monday, 13 December 2010

and the award goes to...

as most of you know... and many of you really do... blogging is not something that I take lightly... it's hard work... enjoyable... but hard work none the less... and if it wasn't for the passion I have for food (and eating) I would have given this up a long time ago... like many of you, I hold down a full time job for goodness sake, so this blogging lark really can be a midnight hobby sometimes...

... so I feel terrible that I haven't acted on this sooner but it has been rather hectic around here for ages and I wanted to take the time to do this right and proper... I truly believe in 'paying it forward' and feel honoured and humbled to have been given these blog awards.

MINI RANT ALERT!!... can also I mention, before I begin with the formalities, that I loath the design of these awards... i'm such a stickler for design and have spent a good portion of time thinking about the design and layout of my blog... and these awards have clearly been degraded over the years that it's high time they had a re-design... i'd be happy to redesign them but i'd hate to offend... so if anyone can trace them back to their original blogger, do let me know...

The Versatile Blogger Award

this is my first ever award, and I am hugely grateful to BrownievilleGirl for it...

... the rules are that I have to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass on the award to 7 blogs that i admire... so here goes:

1. Even though I have a very good sized kitchen I regularly dream of a bigger one.

2. In the summer I cycle 6 miles to the gym and 6 miles back... in the winter, I don't

3. I have a black labrador dog named Holly who i love more than life itself... she's 12 years old and I  fear for the day she'll die on a daily basis... (sorry this isn't supposed to have been sad)

4. Until I came to live here i had no clue where Lincolnshire was let alone that the Lincolnshire Wolds even existed.

5. I love Science Fiction and I read a lot of it.

6. I lost 3 stone on the Atkins diet about 7 years ago and have never been happier... it taught me a lot about what we put in our mouths and call food... I am still totally obsessed with my weight

7. The Vikings real name is.....

and it is my honour to pass this award on to these 7 blogs of distinction:

The Reluctant Vegetarian
Chocolate Log Blog
Delicious Delicious Delicious
Veg Box Boy
James Ramsden
Purple Podded Peas
Recipe Rifle

... and just to prove how international this blogging lark really is I have also been given the Sunshine Award by the delightful Nicoletta at Bread and Butter

The Sunshine Award

these rules are pretty simple... firstly I have to thank Nicoletta for the award... which I humbly do, then I have to pass it on to 12 blogs I love to read... so here you go:

Around Britain with a Paunch
Closet Cooking
From Beyond My Kitchen Window
The Kitchen Maid
My Kitchen in the Rockies
The Spice Garden
Rose Cottage
Feasts and Festivals
Chocolate Teapot
21st Century Urban Housewife
Tea and Wheaten Bread
My Farmhouse Kitchen

... and there, my dear friends, you well and truly have it!...


  1. How popular are you! lol. Very well deserved may I say and thanks for passing the award on ... although I have to admit I thought you had won the veggie competition from the other day!

  2. Hi and thank you - I feel honoured.

    Must admit I sometimes do these meme thingies but have never put the button/logo award badge on my blog for the reasons you've described above. I hope I haven't offended anyone but I got brainwashed by those very strict art-school design tutors and I get all picky about fonts, negative space and kerning and stuff... better stop now before I go off on one!

    Back to the point... loved your answers, I graciously accept the award :-)


  3. Why thank you Dom - much appreciated... and you're right blogging is blogging hard work - the payback is lovely comments and new the spirit of which I gratefully accept your little ray of sunshine.

  4. I am honored, Dom. Thank you so much!!!
    I really enjoy your blog, too. Thanks for finding mine, so I could join you.

  5. What a nice compliment to all your blogging friends!

  6. What about designing your own badge rather than replacing an existing one??????

    Could be the start of something big!!!!

  7. well you're all special to me and i'm sorry if I left anyone out but i love you and appreciate you all!

    @BVG.. was thinking along those lines... maybe next year... I also would like to start a blogging challenge like 'we should cocoa' but haven't quite thought of the right thing yet... maybe we could do something together?

  8. Congrats on the awards and thanks for the award!

  9. The White Christmas Cupcakes were really easy and meringue frosting could be the answer to all your Buttercream woes, my hubby really loved the frosting. I also posted Magnolia Bakery's version, look for the maple cake in my recipe index. x

  10. Dom, you are a treasure! Thanks so much, I'm really touched. Your blog is on my must-read list, even if some days I just lurk without posting something back!
    Am somewhat relieved to hear that you haven't finished your to-do list either - after I saw your Christmas decorations post I was beginning to imagine you as a slightly more bearded Martha Stewart-Delia Smith hybrid...
    p.s the word verification thing for this post is elves! How Christmassy is that?

  11. @ KitchenMaid I'm a little scared by this bearded Delia/Martha hybrid... like some lab experiment went wrong?!?!?

  12. Dom, Thank you so much. It was very thoughtful of you to include me. It makes me feel quite special really. I love blogging and I am so glad to have this wonderful net work of blogging friends. Thanks again!! Susan

  13. Definitely liked learning those little tidbits about you! I wouldn't bike 12 miles in the winter either! =)

  14. Congratulations on your awards! As I spend time reading your past postings, I can say that you are certainly deserving of them. I have to say that your comment about your precious dog made me a little sad. We are now owned by Oliver our third dalmatian. Cooper was our first and blessed our lives for 14 1/2 years. Then came Argos for a short 11 1/2 years. Oliver came to us as an older boy--3 years old. He celebrated his 4th birthday yesterday. What a joy a dog is! I hope your boy lives to a very ripe old age!


  15. Oh dear, I'm so used to "boys" I called Holly one. So sorry dear girl. I wont forget again.


  16. Thanks Bonnie I'll be sure to pass your love on to Holly who no doubt is by now upside down on her bed waiting for us to get home having spent the day being thoroughly spoilt be her grandma ( my mum) !! Xx

  17. sorry i'm a little behind...a full week of work has made me a bit bonkers!! thank you for the lovely award and for thinking of me :) x

  18. How remiss of me, I've only just seen this post. Very sweet of you to pass the award on to me - thank you. Will probably leave this until after Christmas now, so that gives me a bit of time to come up with some evasions ;)


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