Monday, 6 December 2010

christmas cooking list... preparation is overated!

...somewhere deep inside I feel i should be more organised for my Christmas this year as it will be my first Christmas as a food blogger and I want to be really well prepared...

... but sometimes I feel that 'over-preperation' can be just as much the catalyst for stress as being un-prepared... it's as though you have set yourself an un-reachable goal... and this can only lead to disaster... plus there are a lot of foodie things for Christmas that are supposed to be prepared in advance, such as Christmas Cake and soaking prunes for mincemeat...

... and anyway, if you feel the need for a perfect Christmas (god know's why?) you can always visit Esther's GENIUS blog recipe rifle for the ultimate list of do's and don'ts for the big day...

... however, somewhere, in the hidden depths of my mind I do have a list of what I plan to make and what I'd like to achieve this year and this list goes something like this:

1. bake these amazing looking Panettone for Christmas gifts... thanks for the inspiration Chele!

2. bake these naughty but totally traditional old-school macaroons for nibbling on and for when guests pop in for tea and Baileys... they freeze really well.

3. will make some mince pies... never done it before but I have every confidence that Delia will help!

4. am planning a roast goose and a glazed ham... so I need to read up and I must order these this week!

5. will make my favourite Luxury Carrot Cake instead of Christmas Cake because nobody likes Christmas Cake... Delia hits the spot again!

6. will also make Nigellas AMAZING moist clementine cake... and add loads of Glenmorangie whisky!

7. will make this extra special Veggie Wellington for The Big V... The Guardian website does us proud!

8. will make a large batch of my very special veggie sausage rolls for nibbling on between Christmas and New Year.

9. will make fresh, home-made, coleslaw for those all important post lunch sandwiches...

10. will get in enough booze to sink a very large ship!

... and pretty much that's it... the 'trimmings' come very easy to me you see because I only have one rule during Christmas and that's 'over-cater'...

... would love to know what you're all planning for the big day and if you have any special tricks to keep things calm...



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