Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day Part 1

Merry Christmas one and all!... don't you just LOVE Christmas?

Father Christmas was kind enough to bring me, amongst other goodies, a beautiful pestle and morter and Nigella's Kitchen... how did he know... and i've been so naughty this year!

I've decided to split these posts throughout the day so as not to bore you with over-long postings, just quick snippets of what's going on in Belleau Kitchen

First... the sourdough...

... sandwiches will be of vital importance at the end of the day... so this is the first thing I have to do...

... i've left Lucretia in the fridge for a month now, feeding her weekly but not baking with her so she's quite, quite sour... but has made simply the best loaf yet... i've used white flour only and olive oil and it's light, airy and fluffy... am very happy!


  1. Merry Christmas Dom - great to do this in real time. Nice to think of all us cooks weaving magic in our kitchens on this gorgeous day here in the west. Now back to stuffing...

  2. Someone must have put a good word in for you lol. I too was bery pleased to get my hands on my very own copy of Nigella's Kitchen, can't wait to get started on it!! Sourdough looks superb!


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