Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Pudding

... there are some arguments sorry, 'traditions' at Christmas that however much we say we won't repeat next year, we simply can't do without...

... the 'angel no fairy no star, at the top of the Christmas tree' debate...

... the 'who's going to stay sober to drive home Auntie Betty' debate...

... the 'just put the fucking party hat on you muppet... it's Christmas' debate...

... the 'we're going to watch the Queens Speech, no we're not we're going to watch Harry Potter' debate...

... the 'we always eat at 3pm on Christmas Day...but I'm so HUNGRY' debate

... anyway, I think you get the gist... one of the 'disagreements' we always have is whether to go for Christmas Pudding or Christmas Cake... I'm a lover of the fruit cake, with the layer of marzipan and the white frosting... The Viking prefers the pudding although usually by the time we've imbibed the gigantic enormity of the main event there's usually very little room for anything, especially if I'm saving myself for Goose and Coleslaw sandwiches later...

... and anyway the plan this year was to go for Delia's Luxury Carrot Cake with added whisky... that was until I won a Forman and Field Christmas Pudding from the lovely Kavey on her brilliant blog KaveyEats... I've never won anything on a blog before so I'm very chuffed and the good people at Forman and Field managed to deliver it this week, so I have it in time for Christmas!

... it looks so tempting, coming wrapped in muslin and in its own ceramic steaming bowl and delivered with a huge pot of Brandy Sauce... I'm so excited I may burst!

Thanks Kavey!


  1. Dear Dom
    So pleased it arrived safely, I do hope you enjoy it. And let me tell you that jar of brandy cream is HUGE and absolutely delicious!
    I had some with hot chocolate puds last night, delicious!

  2. I am so excited to know what's in your Christmas pudding! I will be making one this year after three long years without my pudding mold ... the SPECIAL pudding mold , that SB lost when we moved. He packed the kitchen things while I was absent. Damn. I should never have let himnear the cupboards!

    Anyway, I have a bid in on a replacement mold on Ebay that I hope will arrive so that we can have our New Years Day steamed pudding ...

  3. Don't understand the cake v pudding debate - why not have both (she asks thinly!!!!!!)

    Huge congratulations winning the pudding - nice one!

  4. congrats dom!!! well deserved...and omen? not an argument worth having it seems! :)

  5. If I had to choose between the two I think I'd choose a pudding, but we don't usually have either, as no-one else likes them much.

  6. Would you believe that I have never had a taste of either one of them. I think I would choose the dessert that goes with the brandy sauce though. Anything with brandy cannot be that bad.

  7. Sounds like one less argument to get through this Christmas. Congratulations.

  8. Comgrats on winning your first blog competition ;0)
    (and it saves you a job baking too lol)

  9. I've never had fruit cake as you've described it, it sounds delicious! I have had the pudding with brandy sauce and it was just divine! How about you create a dessert bar and have all three? Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Oh I am holding my sides and in tears laughing at your debates. I like the one about the party hat LOL Congrats on your pudding. What a lovely surprise. x

  11. How exciting. I am sure it will be delicious. Our British friend makes one every year himself and it just never turns out right. He always makes us laugh. It is pretty funny.

  12. If I were you Id have both,but then I'm a bit greedy!
    We're having goose this year too, and a nice Christmas ham!


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