Wednesday, 29 December 2010

cold-pressed rapeseed oil

... it was with a sense of smug delight when I read in the new Nigella book 'Kitchen' that she would recommend using British grown cold-pressed rapeseed oil almost exclusively instead of extra-virgin olive oil... smug, because the stuff grows outside our front door for most of the summer... and delighted because, as she says in her book, it's about time we, the Brits, could be proud and feel culinarily superior about something so simple as oil...

... it has a wonderfully nutty and mustardy flavour and as you can see a glorious yellow gold colour... still quite rare to find in the shops but AMAZINGLY our local co-operative stocks it as part of their 'grown locally' range... so I'm doubly smug!..

... I would personally recommend the Heart of Gold brand as it's produced in Lincolnshire and really is a superior oil... but I'm sure rapeseed oil is produced all over the UK... we just have to get out there and start using it, asking for it at the supermarket and talking about it...

... and now, at the end of the summer, when the rapeseed plants are emitting their rotten, cabbage-like perfume, I can lift my head and proudly say... 'that is the smell of glorious gold oil my dear friends... just ask Nigella!'



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