Thursday, 9 December 2010

Lovely Linda

... the simply marvelous guys over at Linda McCartney Foods have started a new competition to find the UK's tastiest meat-free dish and the chance for this dish to become a new product in their range!... how fab would that be... and of course how could I resist the challenge...?

... as you all know, I am a voracious meat eater but I live with The Big V and have been creating tasty alternatives for over 6 years now... and in my never ending plan for world dominance I thought I'd submit a few of these dishes just to try my luck...

... and this is where you, my dear readers, come in... 2 of my dishes have been selected as part of the their weekly favourites and for me to be in with a chance to go through to the next round I need your votes...

... if you click on this link, find my two dishes (a courgette pie and a veggie sausage stew... both under my real name of Dominic Franks) and 'rate' them...

... of course, you could enter yourself and feel my wrath... it's up to you...



  1. Wouldn't dare compete against a world dominator. Have voted for one, will now see if I can find the other one.

  2. Haha thanks for your comment!
    Im ambitious what can I say! Just hope it all goes to plan :)

    That Veggie Sausage Stew is making me hungry!! yum :)

  3. Just beware.I was once going to enter a competition for a new soup for Covent Garden Soup company. You end up losing all your rights to your own recipe and cant use it again. It becomes their copyright protected property and you dont get a penny.

    It sucks

  4. How simple was the voting. Good luck Dom!! Oh, and great recipes by the way.

  5. Done and done! Good luck (although nothing will ever beat my Tomato and Mascarpone Lasagne for a meat free meal hehehehe)

  6. Consider it done . . . the courgette pie/lasagne sounds gorgeous.

  7. Best of luck - I'm off to vote!

    P.S. compete against you .... are you mad!!!

  8. You should win by a landslide! The recipes look great, I'm looking forward to making that veggie sausage stew! Have a great weekend!

  9. Thanks for your comment Dom, the blackberries were the most time consuming! Totally worth it though :)


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