Thursday, 2 December 2010

powertools down

yes it's bloody freezing and snowing everywhere but some of us do actually have to work!... so whilst The Viking is stuck in snowdrifts at the cottage... and having to walk 6 miles to the nearest shops lest he eat poor Holly... I am down in the big smoke launching a new range of power-tools for the lovely people at Bosch.

...won't bore you with the details but you can read all about it on the new event blog I've started for my company The Persuaders... and feel free to follow...

needless to say we're serving the guests some delicious food courtesy of the lovely Hel's Angels from chef Janostle... we're serving mini 'home-cooked' style food to go with the 'at home' theme so we've got mini shepherds pies, Cornish crab with grated fennel tartlets and goats cheese tarts with wild mushroom.

totally delicious...

... oh and I'm re-posting because I forgot to mention the genius IXO Vino... it's a power-tool with a brilliant corkscrew attachment... now you may think something like this is totally defunct... why do we need a motorised corkscrew?... well, other than those unfortunate people with arthritis, who will doubly appreciate the ease of this magic machine, it totally works, takes seconds and you get a power-tool with all the attachments to boot! (plus it comes in a snazzy wooden 'wine crate' style box)... what's not to love?

... and then I have to decide if I'm going to brave the A1 and get back to the kitchen!


  1. "snowing everywhere" Wrong! Not here, unless you count icing sugar sprinkles?

    If I were you I'd snaffle some of those scrummy canapes and stay in London.


  2. freezing though... bet those chicken would love to come indoors!

  3. It seems to be snowing everywhere except Massachusetts! Fine by me, it's a 4 letter word! LOL! Those canapés look delicious. Did Holly survive? I'll be sure to check out and "Follow" your new blog!

  4. Love the power tool!!! This will be a hit with the guys.

  5. I guess its fair to say I'm not a power tool kind of a gal ... but the food sounds wonderful! Defo freezing cold (-13 here in Edinburgh at the moment!) so I hope you managed to make it home safe and sound.

  6. Food sounds good .... I'd stay where you are .... bit stir crazy here ..... popping over to your new blog ..... bye!

  7. Hey Dom haven't you made any mini pies like these? I really love them!


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