Friday, 28 January 2011

chopped liver for Andreas

... we all have good friends who seemed to have slipped through the net don't we...?

... I'm not talking about casual acquaintances or people we've picked up along the way and then dropped off again... I'm talking about those old school friends to whom you promised sincerely that you'd always be friends, no matter what...

it can't just be me... and it's no-ones fault... life just gets in the way... we grow up, move away, get married, have kids... life changes us...

... but always in the back of our minds those friends are still there... the memories... the stupid fun times... the sad times... those times we got completely stoned and listed to Dark Side of the Moon... too many times...! (I make no apologies... I'm a 40 year old man after all, with very few regrets!)

... Andreas is one of those friends... we were at school together... we quite literally went through life and death with each other... and I think we laughed together more than I've ever laughed with anyone... but for some stupidly unknown reason we haven't spoken in about 15 years... amazingly enough I see his sister on a regular basis... anyway, the point is that I was listening to BBC Radio 4 in the car the other day and the newsreader was interviewing someone about carbon off-setting... and that someone was Andreas!... just hearing his voice sent me back so fast I nearly crashed the car...

... anyway, I reached out, we're planning to see each other in a couple of weeks... which is lovely...

...lovely because I love him but more importantly because he loves my mum's chopped liver...!

so for his eyes only (look away everyone else...) here it is, in all it's glory...

Angela's Chopped Liver

This recipe is embarrassingly easy but oy vey is it good!

400g chicken livers
1 onion coarsely chopped
3 large eggs

- sauté the onions till soft

- add the chicken livers and sauté till properly cooked. They will still be pink inside but not rare.

- meanwhile hard boil the eggs

- put the livers and onions into food processor ( or if you want to be really traditional then turn it through a hand mincer) and mix on pulse. You don't want pate. So take it easy.

- then grate in the eggs and mix

- season to taste.

refrigerate and then when cold, serve it on the traditional Challah Bread or Matzo crackers... or if you're lazy like me, just slather it onto any old bread and scoff it...and good lord you'll be in Friday night heaven...

eat and of course, enjoy!



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