Friday, 11 February 2011

Glenmorangie Finealta Launch at The Savoy

... as you know, dear reader, in my other life as an event producer, we are sometimes fortunate enough to produce launches for some wonderful clients...

.... and oh the crazy yet glamorous world in which we work... one moment we're in hard-hats and jump-suits, perched high on the side of a building ready to unfurl a banner for the Olympics... the next we're suited and booted at the newly refurbished Savoy Hotel... surrounded by swathes of fabric and plush upholstery to launch the new Private Edition range for Glenmorangie... this new creation is called Finealta and is the brainchild of the incredible 'nose' of Glenmorangie, Dr. Bill Lumsden... it's an honour to be in this mans presence... a whisky creator extraordinaire...

.... Dr. Bill was inspired to create Finealta after discovering an old cocktail recipe from the infamous American Bar at The Savoy that dated back to the 1900s... the Belle Epoque... and it was the Art Nouveau period that inspired our production for the event.

... The Savoy was at it's very finest, newly refurbished, elegant best... and we worked closely with the head chef James Pare to create an 8 course canape menu, served course by course to the guests... each canape found it's inspiration not only from the tasting notes for Finealta but also from the Savoy archivists descriptions of the way food was served in The Savoy in the 1900s.

green asparagus flan with melba toast and powdered goats cheese

glazed pork belly with poached apple and smoked paprika

glenmorange finealta cured scottish smoked salmon with caviar creme fraiche

charantias melon with parma ham lentils and truffle clouds

baked brie de meaux with creamed spinach and pink ginger

seared diver scallop with compote vierge served on a mini popadum (genius!!)

cherry and dark chocolate 'melba'

'savoy' pistachio Opera

We were also fortunate enough to work alongside head barman of the American Bar, Erik Lorincz, who created the Smoke and Mirrors cocktail specifically for our event, the serving of the cocktail, which is 'smoked' into the glass, was a spectacular way to round off the evening!

erik loricnz, head barman at the American Bar

you can read more about the event and less about the food here on The Persuaders blog... 

.... these  photographs were taken by the very talented and very sexy Mr Tom Oldham


  1. Swanky bites! Looks like quite an event! Kept you busy, I'm sure!
    You've def earned your mellow weekend ...

  2. What a nice event, wish I could have gone! The scallops look delicious! Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

    Oh, when will that whiskey be available in the States?

  3. Niiiice!
    Do point them my way if they are ever looking for food (me) and drink (Pete) blogger guests!

  4. I really think you should be inviting your blogger friends to these events (the nice food and drink ones not the hanging out of buildings bit!!!)

    Well done Dom - another wonderful feat of organisation.

  5. I'd love to invite you all. Next big food event I'll have to pretend you're all working for me!

    @ Kavey I'll send them your way I promise x

  6. In in visual culinary heaven. ((drool))

  7. Nice! Sounds like a wonderful event. Everything looks so delicious. I must have lost my invitation somewhere... ;)

  8. I'd love to try smoking a drink into a glass but I fear damage to the glass, myself and everyone in the vicinity if I were to try. Maybe I'll leave it to people who know what they're doing.

  9. Wow!! 8 course of canapes, bet they were amazing as they look too good to eat. What a fun job you have ... wanna swap with me lol

  10. Wow cool job........sounds like an amazing event.....I love the idea of re-inventint the old 1900 cocktail and the whole Art Nouveau theme.... a really sophisticated launch!

  11. You do get to do some fun things with your job and get to eat posh nosh too. I had a friend who trained as a chef at the Savoy and gave it up to be a juggler. Went off to NZ and ended up with his own TV show. I know I don't have sophisticated tastes, but I really do not understand whisky!


  12. I admire the valuable information you provide in your articles. I'll mark your blog and see my friends here often. I'm sure you will learn many new things here than anyone else!


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