Monday, 21 March 2011

Belleau Kitchen becomes Belleau Garden... year 2

I've just planted a whole bunch of salad vegetables in the garden...

...I planted a lot last year but I didn't really have a huge amount of continued success and I think I need to take it all a little more seriously this time. Which is why i've started early and will continue to crop and re-sow regularly throughout the year...

...i've started with some fab looking purple carrots, beetroot, radish and mixed salad leaves... i'm not going to bother with tomatoes because last years lot, which I lovingly took care of yealded 1 small tomato from 6 plants and i can't go through that kind of pain and suffering again.

I will, if The Viking allows me, plant some bigger, heartier veg later on in April and May as the season warms up a bit... I'm not sure if I should secretly plant them in amongst the flowers or beg him to give me a patch of land... i'll let you know how it works out.

... any planting tips, or recommended veg would be most welcome.



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