Saturday, 5 March 2011

Cauliflower Cheese Soup and Sourdough Loaf

... a few years back, when I managed to lose quite a bit of weight doing the dreadful but undoubtedly successful Atkins diet, I became adept and creative with my use of vegetables that were on the very very short list available to me...

... cauliflower was one of the veg that I was allowed to eat with impunity... can you imagine how lucky I was...? (that last sentence was full to the brim with sarcasm... should you have any doubt...)

... I mean, I like cauliflower, don't get me wrong, it's just not the most exciting vegetable in the world... but it is grown in the UK, compared to the broccoli which is not so locally grown...

... so this soup, which is really supposed to be Leek and Potato, changed to Leek and Cauliflower and then became Cauliflower Cheese Soup... which I think is a nice little twist on a classic side-dish... and makes a really, really tasty and carb-free (should that be your thing) soup...

... clearly the sourdough doesn't quite cut the carb-free mustard but i'm only human!... Lucretia again at her very best... cant wait to tear into this hunk of bread...

Cauliflower and Cheese Soup

1 cauliflower - chopped (keep the leaves that are closest to the flower and use them in the soup too)
2 medium leeks - finely chopped
1 stick of celery - finely chopped
1 medium onion - finely chopped
2 pints of good quality vegetable stock
2 handfuls of strong cheddar - grated

- saute the onions in a pan with plenty of butter and olive oil, until soft

- add the leeks and celery and saute for 5 mins, then add the cauliflower, season, then place the lid on and let it sweat for 10 mins, turning frequently to avoid it sticking.

- add the stock and simmer gently for 20 mins

- liquidize, then add the cheese and stir until it has melted completely.

- serve

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Bit on the healthy side for my taste!

  2. I love cauliflower cheese and this soup version sounds good to me!

  3. I had a sourdough once. His name was Gerry. I forgot to feed him and he died :( I need to make a new Gerry.

    (Soup looks good!)

  4. I love cauli cheese soup. I love cauli cheese too. There is always too much for us so I make soup with the left overs. I see Lucretia triumphs again. Looks fabulous

  5. I love cauliflower ... this looks right up my alley ... your bread looks wonderful too, Dom! Good old Lucretia!

  6. The soup looks so creamy... Yum. And the loaf looks wonderful too. Must have the loaf with the soup. I love soup, but I love carbs even more.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. Cauliflower Cheese soup is my total all time fave soup ... comfort food! And it always has to be served with a nice hunk of freshly made bread too ;0)

  8. Cauliflower and cheese, so so so yummy!LOL

  9. Looks like a thick and tasty soup and some delicious bread on the side - what could be better for lunch?

  10. What a great Sunday afternoon meal. I wish I had a loaf of that bread. I think your loaves are getting better and better looking.

  11. I love cauliflower and love this soup!!! gloria

  12. thanks for such lovely comments... it was a good soup which lasted nearly all weekend (I made tonnes of it) and the bread went down an absolute treat, so i'm so glad I made it! x

  13. Oh my favourite. I make it with Blue Cheese but I'm going to try your recipe next time. Thanks for sharing

  14. Mmm, looks delicious, and we love cauliflower!

    I finally got around to selecting book #18 - am I too late? It's my Williams-Sonoma Kids Cookbook! Ha, lol, should be fun!

  15. @ Red Shoe Artist... love the idea of serving it with blue cheese, yum!

    @ OBaCS... not too late for the Random Recipe challenge... you have until the end of the month to now choose the recipe from this book and cook it!

    Good luck!

  16. There are some cauliflower fields in the fens but the majority of caulis eaten in the UK come from west Cornwall, the harvest finishes in February and the poor pickers move on to daffodils. Sooo I'm always on the lookout for cauliflower recipes, they are so cheap down here as to be ridiculous and (you can always nip over a hedge and get one..) This looks a fab soup - so it's in the scrapbook now and on the table very soon.

  17. I love cauliflower too and it's delicious in a soup (though isn't anything with cheese?!). Looks amazing!

  18. Now, I can imagine that cauliflower would become a little tiresome if it was the only veg you would be allowed to eat, but this soup sounds fab. How did you survive???

  19. Delicious, I shall definitely be doing this . . . but I swear you must be psychic . . . did you see the first episode of The Great British Food Revival . . . Michel Roux jr waxing lyrical about bread making and the Hairy Bikers extoling the virtues of caulies . . . you're ahead of your time!

  20. I know MS... i'm way ahead of the curve aren't I? And they were good old Lincolnshire Cauliflowers too!

  21. I'm a recent convert of cauliflwoer and to me your soups says 'Deep and delicious'.

  22. There should have been loads of !!!!!!!!!!!! after my comment - it was (of course) a joke :-)

  23. Deeply offended BVG. As you know I have no sense of humour!!!!!!!!


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