Wednesday, 9 March 2011

chicken thighs with leeks

... I have stolen the inspiration for this recipe from some cook or other who writes for The Times... I make no apologies for this as i feel they stole it from me first...

... I think we can all safely agree that it was I who started this chicken thigh craze way back some time last year and being the wave creator that I am, i am more than happy for others to ride that wave... but I think it's taking liberties when they come into your very thoughts and then, when you least expect it, steal and have the audacity to go ahead and print the very recipe you've been saving up to cook and write about yourself...

...I'll leave it there shall I...?

... there's something a little classic about the combination of chicken and leeks... it's as though god (or whomever you choose to believe in... Delia... Nigella... etc...) created the chicken and then thought to herself... 'i know... let's make a leek... it'll be a beautiful complimentary vegetable...' (for some reason my god has a cockney accent and sounds a little like Eliza Doolittle... i think I'm a little tired... it was International Women's Day yesterday and we had a little event on in London with Annie Lennox and Paloma Faith and I'm exhausted...)

... anyway, it seems to work marvelously and this couldn't really be any more simple now could it?

chicken thighs with leeks

6 chicken thighs
3 medium leeks - chopped into 3 inch batons
5 cloves of garlic (skin on)
a glass of white wine
olive oil

- the leeks should be cut quite large... they hold their shape and suck up all the lovely chicken and wine juice

- bung it all in an oven-proof dish, season sprinkle with the oil and roast until golden, probably 1 hour and 30 Min's

- turn half way through and then back again in the last 10 Min's

eat and of course, enjoy!



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