Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Random Recipe Two... Beatrice makes a choice...

...so firstly I want to thank you all once again for taking part in my first Random Recipe challenge... I think we had fun didn't we...?

... and now to challenge number two... and I've been thinking about how I change it up a bit each month to keep it fresh... and I think i've got a rather genius idea...

... last month the lovely Manu from CookingManu asked her daughter Beatrice to pick her book... Beatrice enjoyed it so much that I thought I would ask her to pick all our books for us this month... now, clearly poor Beatrice can't possibly come visit us all, so I asked her to pick a number between 1 and 20... she chose number 18...

... the idea now is that you go directly to your book shelf... GO ON... DO IT NOW... and count from left to right (or from top to bottom) to the eighteenth book... and it's that book you should randomly choose a recipe from...

... DO IT NOW!

... ingenious eh..? plus if it doesn't work out we can all blame Beatrice!

... now of course I understand that some of you have to be selective with your cookbooks so that they fit in with your blogging theme and this is fine, but try and be as honest as you can... that is the point after all...

... I can tell you now that, for me Beatrice chose Meat by HFW!!! ...I mean, this is a book for meat lovers only folks... so I guess not one for the Big V... and I will be randomly choosing and making a recipe from it later in the month.

... hope you can all join in... further details for submitting entries can be found here


  1. It's all just so much fun!! My book, the magic 18 is A Piece of Cake by Leila Lindholm, I am looking forward to randomly picking a recipe, everything in this book looks good. X

  2. I have a horrible feeling my 18th book down maybe The Usborne Book of Children's food from the 80s. Cheesey courgette surprise or funny face pancakes?

  3. Could this BE more fun? Notoriety for a New Hampshire housewife ... her recipe for Chicken Crescent Squares from 'A Taste of New Hampshire' - the vintage fundraiser cookbook for The American Cancer Society's NH Division. What are the odds that I would choose that book? Hahaha!

    Have a great day, Dom!

  4. Got it: "Nantucket Open-House Cookbook" by Sarah Leah Chase and I didn't cheat.


  5. I did it I did it. Now I have to make a Priddy Oggy. Go figure LOL

  6. Woo hoo ... 18 lands me in Donna Hay territory ;0)

  7. i'm loving that you've all picked your books... that's so genius... i'm a genius!.... and everyone's is so different... its too exciting!


  8. Got it! Jason Atherton - gourmet food for a fiver. I'm not sure if I'm excited or scared. Excited I think.

  9. Just have to decide which shelf!!!!

  10. Okay, I don't have 18 cookbooks. I'm going to cheat and do #8.

  11. Come on. Don't stall with excuses. Just get counting.

    @Tess. Number 8 is perfectly acceptable

    @BVG. Show Off!

    @Salty fish finger sandwiches?

    @Susan. No! Such fun.

    Love you all. Dxx

  12. I just went to my bookcase and counted out to 18. Boy did I luck out, it's a cupcake book and I'm thrilled. I was so sick with the flu this past month it was hard to think about the challenge. I'm psyched for this one. Woo Hoo!!!

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  14. It's too late, too late. Had already got my book sorted before I knew you were going to change the rules! It's a real challenge for me which I would never ever have chosen so given that your an all round super sort of guy, I'm banking on you letting me off this time!!!!!!! Next time I will not try to be quite so organised and will wait until I've actually read the challenge :(

  15. hey Choclette... sorry to have changed the game a little... I just wanted to keep it fresh!... you sound upset with me?... I want you to participate so if you want to please do... wether you use last months game style or this... sorry x

  16. Oooh sneaky!!! And it looks like Steve and I will both be cooking something from the same book this month.

    Ha ha ha - I am sooo jammy - my 18th book is The New Penguin Cookery Book. That has everything in the world in it so we could both be choosing something completely different.

    Only problem is that we'll be fighting over the book and flicking back and forth the whole time when we are cooking our recipes at the same time.

    Love this challenge, Dom.

  17. What a great idea! We are IN! We got lucky with the book - Food & Wine's Annual Cookbook 2009. Now Chris will pick a random page. We'll keep you posted!

  18. Thanks Chris and Amy... can't wait to see what you pick...everyone's got such different book choices this month... i'm loving this challenge... going to be randomly choosing mine this weekend!

    Oh by the way, i really like your blog too!

  19. Hey! This like a total FUN event and I'd love to join in with the fun y'all are having!! I just picked the book The Australian Women's Weekly Macroons & Biscuits-honestly I bought this book after falling for its glamarous photos and appetizing recipes but I'm ashamed to say that I haven't yet baked anything from this one. I hope I'll be able to complete the challenge, ah!

  20. Welcome aboard Plateful. Join in. Have fun!

  21. Ciao Dom!! Me and Beatrice made the recipe!! We had fun! Thanks for this lovely idea . . .a good way to cook something we would have never cooked!LOL

  22. Thanks for wonderful random recipes!, is the best I've ever taste in my whole life!


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