Thursday, 31 March 2011

Random Recipes 2 Round Up - Number 18

I have a massive grin on my face because I feel so chuffed at all the entries i've had for this months challenge....

... and so as March rolls into April we have another jumble-sale selection of Random Recipes from across the globe... I know we always say it, but isn't it amazing, this world of the blog..? I have posts here from Australia, New Zealand, America, The UK, The UAE, Ireland, England and Scotland... thank you all once again for taking part, I'm thinking you're all enjoying the challenge?

...stay tuned for a very special Belleau Kitchen 1 year anniversary edition of Random Recipes at the start of April...

I suppose the best place to start for this round up is with Manu and her daughter Beatrice who is responsible for the number 18 and all your choices... she got to make a Chicken Sandwich of all things!

Our next entry is from Susan at The Spice Garden who got At Taste of New Hampshire, from which she made these excellent Chicken Crescent Squares

Phil from As Strong As Soup ended up with another French cookbook Pierre Koffmann’s ‘La Tante Claire’, from which he randomly chose Gâteau aux Noisettes

Chele from Chocolate Teapot got Donna Hay's Simple Essentials - Chicken (not Chocolate, which she really wanted but stuck like glue to the challenge parameters) and cooked Ricotta and herb Baked Chicken

Angela over at This is what I eat had a total string of disasters... mainly because she had already set her shopping list for the week and tried to fit the challenge into this... still the outcome looks mighty fine... it was from Go Red for Women and was supposed to be Chicken in Tarragon Sauce but ended up as Perch in Rosemary Sauce

The lovely Lucy (and her patient partner BW... think i'm starting a trend here...) from The KitchenMaid chose Plenty by Ottolenghi and Shaksuka

oh no... it wasn't me who started the trend it was Lou from Please Do Not Feed The Animals who cooked along with her hubby Steve... they chose each others dishes from the same book The New Penguin Cookery Book by Jill Norman and made an Onion Tart (Lou) and a Pesto Bread (Steve)

Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog got very angry with me for changing the game, although I think her anger really stemmed from the fact that she had randomly chosen the dreaded macaroon from Unwrapped!

Spontaneous Euphoria (who organises her cookbooks by course...) got 101 Chocolate Treats by The BBC Good Food and then chose these delightful chocolate brownies

Astral at The Art of Being Perfect made these fabulous American Sticky Buns from A Piece of Cake by Leila Lindholm

Mary at Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes got landed with the Williams-Sonoma Kids Cooking Scrumptious Recipes for cooks ages 9-13, which made her and me laugh hysterically... but I guess that's the fun of the challenge... she cooked a very yummy looking Sunflower Rice!

lovely Melanie, who's new to the challenge, from the brilliantly titled Sharky Oven Gloves got La Cuisine des paressueses (Cooking for lazy people) with a dish of Roasted Tomatoe and Red Onion Salad

Michelle from Food, Football and a Baby, who I think lives on the moon, had to choose twice before she hit a recipe she could actually buy the ingredients for... she got Okra with Tomatoes from The Joy of Vegetarian Cooking by Jasleen Dhamija

Aveen from Baking Obsessively made these fabulous Ginger and Chocolate Brownies from Martha Stewarts Cookies

Michael from Me My Food and I had a brilliant story about cooking with the head chef at Maze... you must read it.  The story was triggered by him selecting Gourmet Food for a Fiver by Jason Atherton, from which he made this stunning Spice Chocolate Cake with Macerated Raspberries

the luckiest blogger in the world From Beyond My Kitchen Window got Martha Stewarts Cupcakes and these stunning Red Velvet Cupcakes... my absolute favourite!

the lovely Anne from Annes Kitchen chose Sweet Treats: 30 Minutes or Less and then picked Mocha Coconut Clusters as her Random Recipe

wowzers... what a round-up... I am most humbled...

i'd like to dedicate this blog post to Eleanor BrownieVille Girl and her family who need our love, all our thoughts are with you xxx


  1. Yes, BVG, lots of love from me too.

    Dom, I'm sorry I didn't join in with this challenge! My excuse is that I found your blog a little too late.

    It's lovely to see everyone's entries.

  2. All these entries look gorgeous! I want to eat every single one (well the FOOD in the entry, not the entry itself...)

    Obviously my imagination is far fetched but maybe someday we can have a "Random Recipe Blog Meetup".. where we pick random recipes, make them, and then everyone meets up and eats them all.

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I'm particular fond of Michael's Spice Chocolate cake....I loved his story too!!

  4. @ BG a big hug from me too!
    I love all these recipes, pics are so beautiful

  5. Love the round up Dom... amazing how many different recipes show up, that's the fun of this challenge.

    And I only live in Edmonton (Canada, not North London)... though somedays it could well be the moon !!

  6. Great round-up, great fun. Thanks Dom. Highly envious of all those brownie recipes people got!

    Hadn't realised something had befallen BVG. I hope it's nothing too bad, but of course my thoughts and well wishes are with her.

  7. Amazing lineup! Aren't we all clever?!
    But Dom, I think I have found a dark side to the Random Recipe challenge - looking at all these amazing dishes makes me want to buy MORE cookbooks rather than use the ones I have. What to do?

  8. There are 18 dishes there - that can't be coincidence, can it? :-)

    Oh no - I'm so sorry something has happened to BrownievilleGirl. Sending her and her family all our best wishes too.

  9. Wahoo! So many GOOD recipes to read and think about! God, I love this monthly thing, Dom! Genius! Pure genius!

  10. Arent we simply marvellous?

    @ PDNFTA just realised there are indeed 18 entrees!!! That's so freaky! Also just realised that for some reason there's no link to your blog on my round up. I don't know how that happened as I put one in when I wrote it. Blogger glitch I think! Same goes for Angela and Sharkey. Sorry!

  11. This was fun. I have a feeling I might not be so lucky next time around. Looking forward to the next challenge. I hope everything is all right with Brownieville I have missed her postings and comments. I will say a prayer that all is well for her and her family.

  12. Dom - now feeling hugely guilty about my now need to treat yourself to one so that I don't feel miserable :-)


  13. What a wonderful round up. Everything looks delish! Will there be another twist for the next challenge? :)

  14. This was so much fun Dom! Looking forward to your next challenge!

    Keeping Brownieville Girl and family in my thoughts and prayer! I wish there was something more that I could do.

  15. What a lovely round up! There are some great recipes that I wouldn't have given a second glance at but look gorgeous in the flesh! Well done everyone!
    Thoughts are with BVG and her family at this difficult time.

  16. Thanks so much for organising this, it's been great fun and I'll definitely be taking part again in April. Had a bit of a mad week so I'm just about to sit down and check out everyone else's entries, but the photos all look amazing!

  17. Thank you for posting all of these entries. I am so impressed with the variety that came from the challenge - and so hungry!


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