Saturday, 14 May 2011

fusilli pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce

a couple of weeks back I attended a Sainsbury's blogger event... i've never done anything like this before and to be honest I don't think I was quite the target market... the event was to promote their new 'feed your family of 4 for a week for £50' meal planner... it's a great idea, which promotes not only healthy eating but cuts down on wastage too... anyway, the fact that The Viking and I don't quite make up a family of 4 didn't seem to matter to them and the bonus for attending the event was the gift of a fabulous Sony Bloggy Cam (expect some videos soon...) and a no-strings-attached, delivery of shopping based on a week-long meal plan... and lsst night half a tonne of food stuff arrived... I mean I quite literally have never seen so much food in my kitchen...

... now, they've given me the meal planner for next month as a guide to try out the meals but to be honest, they're just not my thing ... however there was a whole bunch of food that needs eating and tonights meal was un-planned, so using some stuff from home and some stuff from the delivery i've created my own meals... here we go...

fusilli pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce
this is one of The Vikings favourite sauces as he loves the creamy richness, something that sometimes lacks in vegetarian cooking especially when it comes to pasta which usually involves tomato based sauce which he's not so keen on.  I have added the extra rocket here to lift the heaviness of the sauce.

2 portions of fusilli pasta (i'm not going to tell you how much pasta to eat!)
about 10 medium mushrooms
1 large onion - finel chopped
2 cloves of garlic - crushed
1 glass of white wine
2 table spoons of cream cheese
1 small pot of single cream (100ml)
1 small bunch of rocket leaves
salt and pepper / fresh herbs

- fill a large pan with salted water and bring to the boil

- meanwhile, saute the onions and garlic, along with some rosemary in a heavy pan, once translucent add the mushrooms and saute gently for 10 minutes until soft and packed with flavour

- add the pasta to the water a boil until you like it (I like a full 8 minutes for dry pasta)

- take the mushroom pan off the heat, pour in the cream and wine then return to a low heat and let the wine bubble for a further 5 minutes, then off the heat again and add the cream cheese.

- drain the pasta, pour on the mushroom sauce, stir in a bunch of rocket and serve.

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Sounds very nice. A creamy sauce is a nice change with pasta. Lucky you with the Sainsbury gig, get that food eaten up!

  2. Oh yummy. I will definitely be giving this one a go at some point.

  3. mmm, I'd like a big bowl of that please. But what on earth is a bloggy cam?

  4. A free cam and groceries? Where can I sign up for an event like this?? Enjoy the groceries, can't wait to see what other delicious things you create. This pasta looks like a sure fire winner, too! Delish!

  5. Now I'm shopping for two houses, I could really do with a delivery like that!!!

    Like your pasta recipe - right tasty!!

  6. Dom, this looks absolutely delicious, but I have to ask, what in the world are "rocket leaves?"

  7. @OBCS -Rocket = Arugula - Happy Birthday!

  8. This pasta dish is just what I would love to have for a 'quick comfort meal'. I love pasta over most any other carb! Nice rich sauce and pasta? Heaven! Viking guy has good taste!

  9. mmmmm Dom this pasta look very good!!!! yummy yummy!!!!

  10. I AM MAKING THIS !!!!!!!

    one of my favorite things....pasta and mushrooms


    teddy says HI DOM !!! he is right here by my side...keeping me got COLD out here in california...

    kary and teddy

  11. Very nice presentation
    And I love pasta in creamy mushroom sauce!

  12. My parents should have named me Hoover instead of Susan. I can suck down a pasta dish in seconds flat and of course the cream in this one makes it silkier and easier to swallow.(less chewing) ha ha! This dish would not have made it into the serving bowl. I wonder if being Italian is a good excuse for my pasta propensity.

  13. thanks everyone, isn't it amazing how special a creamy pasta feels but it's so easy to make and so rewarding!... i've been stacking on the carbs this weekend like crazy, so who cares?!?!

    @FBMKW... Hoover!... I love it!

  14. You know how much I love pasta and carbohydrates, so this is definitely my kind of meal.
    I look forward to your videos.

  15. Dom, perfect, thank you. Was wondering what I could rustle up quickly for tonight's supper and this will do wonderfully as have all the ingredients to hand, Would never have thought of adding cream cheese to the sauce, so look forward to trying it.

    A kitchen load of food sound pretty perfect too. Did you enjoy the blogging event? I've been invited to a few now, but they are always up in London (not surprisingly) and just a little too far away.

  16. @ Choclette, the event was OK but not really my thing... it was for families... but the free bloggy cam and food really helped me get over that!

  17. @ Choclette, the event was OK but not really my thing... it was for families... but the free bloggy cam and food really helped me get over that!

  18. Just eaten a bowl of scrummy pasta with mushrooms and early greens. I omitted the cream and used mascarpone and it worked brilliantly. Thanks for the inspiration. Now feeling fuelled up enough to go down to the field and do a bit of digging :)

  19. That is my kind of meal. Yum.

  20. Nice recipe, so quick and easy to put together

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  22. This creamy mushroom pasta is the best stuff I ever eat in my entire life!


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