Saturday, 28 May 2011

Gwyneths ten-hour chicken

one of the loveliest things about writing a blog is when people start to tell you that they have made certain dishes you posted... it's happened to me a few times recently and I always read with shock that a) anyone has even made anything I've cooked and b) it's turned out to be a success!

when I started blogging it was about sharing recipes and ideas but I honestly hadn't really thought that people would actually cook something i posted... but it has made me realise that the process of writing about food is not just about liking something, coming up with an idea, cooking it and writing it up but somewhere in there is a huge amount of responsibility...

... many of my blogger friends have books out this year... Ms Marmite Lover was first to the post with her brilliant SupperClub... James Ramsden with what will no doubt be an excellent offering, has the launch of his book Small Adventures in Cooking on June 14th and the delightful Vanessa Kimbell has her genius book Prepped out a week before on June 9th...

... clearly there is a huge trend in food and food writing and whilst I don't deny that I know I have a cook book inside me it is with much trepidation that I accept the offer to review a cook book by one Gwyneth Paltrow, Academy Award Winner, Supermom, Rockstar wife and all round fabulous human being... isn't all that enough love... you need to be stomping all over my playground with your perfect teeth and happy family stories of celebrity dinner parties and recipes from Grammy Paltrow... is it huh?

... actually i'm being pretty un-fair... i like Gwyneth... and I like her book, Notes From My Kitchen Table... it's pretty non-offensive and does have some lovely stories about her father and her food influences... and it does contain this very good recipe for ten-hour roast chicken...

...really simple... just salt and pepper the chicken, squeeze on the juice of 1 lemon, place 5 garlic cloves inside with a bunch of thyme, lay it breast down in a roasting tin, wrap tightly in tin foil and roast for 9 and a half hours on 100C, the half an hour with the foil off at 200C till it becomes golden... and whilst you may think this is a HUGE waste of electricity, the chicken tastes like none other I have ever tasted before... ever... the juices alone will make a wonderful broth, perfect to finally rid me of this dreadful cold!

I also have been given 2 copies of the book to give away to my lovely readers, all you have to do it leave a comment in the comment box below and I will enter you into a random draw which will take place in 7 days time.

eat, and of course, enjoy!



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