Sunday, 19 June 2011

kitchen madness - warning of forthcoming sporadic blogging

its all gone a bit bonkers over here at Belleau Kitchen and Belleau Cottage...

... we have a beautiful home,  I never imagined the day that I would truly own the dream home that I now, in fact live in... but you know how it is... I often lie awake at night, moving walls in my head, turning furniture, adding a window here and a conservatory there... and of course it was always the kitchen that I had the biggest plans for.

... last year we had some plans drawn up to extend the back of the house... the idea is that we tear down the back wall of the cottage and build an open-plan dining room, out from the existing kitchen, opening onto the lovely garden with those fancy, floor to ceiling, folding doors... pretty much doubling the space of the room.

... the actual kitchen won't be any bigger but I will finally have that dream space where I can cook and talk to people seated in the same room... it sounds glorious but the reality is that for the next 2 months the cottage will be an utter mess and in a couple of weeks I won't have any kitchen at all as they remove the units to knock down the wall!

say goodbye to this... the wall on the left of the picture will soon be gone!

... both The Viking and I try as hard as we can to be environmentalists... so we're not throwing out our beautiful kitchen, we plan to sand it down, paint it some fabulous chalky blue colour and then re-fit it in a slightly different configuration... oh and I am getting a new range cooker... (I have lived with the crappiest oven in the world for the last 8 years!)... but this will be my biggest luxury!

I am very excited... but of course, whilst I will strive to be creative with the microwave we plan to set-up in the spare bedroom, I imagine my blogging may become rather sporadic over the next few weeks.

... I will try and stock up on some cooking whilst I can... and I do have one or two fab guest posts from good friends, and of course, it will give me plenty of time to bother all my blogging friends over on all your fabulous blogs... so hopefully that should see us through...

in the meantime, don't forget your Random Recipes... (I feel like a school teacher!) and more importantly... don't forget to...

eat and of course, enjoy!



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