Monday, 27 June 2011

sunday in the pak choy with George (and Jenny)

the benefit of having a good friend like Jenny who loves food as much as me are the many hours spent happily yapping away, discussing what's going to be or has gone into our bellies...

... i've told you about my glamorous friend Jenny before, she used to be a model and now she's a music producer and singer/songwriter... oh and my best friend...

Jenny.... and yes, she may be skinny but the girl eats for Britain!

... it's not just talking about what we're about to eat but also what we've eaten, where we've eaten it, how we prepared it, who we ate it with, where we bought the ingredients, how we ate it, why we ate, if we'll ever eat it again... cook books we love, books we hate, chef's we find annoying, chefs who inspire... places we've been, food we've never eaten but can't wait to try, pots and pans, butter over oil, utensils we'd recommend, the heat of the oven, the way to peel garlic, where to buy... how to eat it, how to serve it, what to serve it with, who'd like what and when to eat it... I could go on and on and on...

and another weekend with Jenny and George brings yet another fabulous culinary journey that promises to be more than just dinner on the table...

... a few weekends ago it was all about Asian cooking, starting with a tempura feast (both Jenny and I are tempura making virgins) and followed by a spicy Thai coconut noodle bowl of love ... i've been told to say that it's more than a soup, more of a meal, in a bowl...

... we've enjoyed ourselves so much we thought we'd share every stage of the cooking fest with you, from raw ingredient through to finished fabulousness... with a little help from my friend the cam-corder... yes my friends, this is the premier of Belleau Kitchen's first ever vlog!


We'll start with the tempura shall we?  It's pretty basic because we used a ready made Tempura batter we found on our visit to the Asian Supermarket... you can use a huge array of vegetables, finely sliced... just go for your favourites.  We used; beetroot, sweet potato, pepper and carrot and we also used some squid rings and a couple of raw king prawns.

The trick was getting the oil really hot and then being super-fast with our frying.  As we made it it went onto an oven tray and was kept warm in the oven.

Thai Noodle Soup

here's the moment you've all been waiting for... the vlog... It's a little bit of fun but I think it says it all... 


the recipe for the thai spice paste is as follows:

3 cloves garlic - finely crushed
2 sticks of lemongrass - finely chopped
2 large pieces of fresh ginger - finely chopped
coriander with stalks (try and get the stalks, they are packed with flavour) - chopped
juice and zest of 1 lime
sugar (to taste)
red chilli - finely chopped (to taste)

- Mix it all together in a bowl, could be simpler!

The Thai Curry Paste

the raw vegetables to go into the soup

Hope you enjoy as much as we did!


  1. Beautifully delicious! And thanks so much to Jenny for doing the video. It is nice to hear both your voices.


  2. Lovely, really enjoyed that (tummy is rumbling really bad now though!. More of the same please :-))

  3. Love the vlog - more please! And that broth looks so light, zesty and full of health.

  4. Tour right Dom that was fun. I wish I could have smelled the Thai chili paste and garlic. Asian cooking is simple and delicious, its the prepping that takes all the time, but sooo worth it.

  5. You are fun! Your food is fun. So glad I am a follower.

  6. Love your post. My husband thought your title was hilarious (I thought so as well, but for some reason he didn't think I understood it and kept attempting to explain to me why it was funny - oy). I love the video. The soup looks extra fab.

  7. Lovely lovely food but no option to see the video for me - maybe because I have a Mac :(

  8. mmm...this all looks amazing...I love Asian food but especially Japanese...great Vog...I'll be looking out for the next one...

    Oh and Chocolette, I'm using a Mac too and I had no not sure why you couldn't view it...

  9. Whoops, sorry Choclette...spelt your name wrong...

  10. Hi Honey

    Wow, our food looks good and the vid came out ok as well.

    When are you coming to stay for another food fest ? I love it when I receive my Friday afternoon phone call from you " Hi Love, what's for dinner? ".

    I have a fabulous meal I want to try out on you next time, it's 'Seared Tuna with a Spicy Mango salad and Sweet Potato Crisps'. You'll love it.

    Loads of love, a big "Hi" to all your Bloggers and thanks for all their great feedback. XXXXXXXXX

  11. Sondheims your food looks so delish and the soup seemed a walk in the park to make. If it came from the Pacific I could make Overtures about it. Must stop as running out of shows to quote.

    PS: Did you guys know that there is a production of Into the Woods on at Nottingham Uni in early July?

  12. Love the vlog! Makes me want to eat RIGHT NOW!!
    Good tip about the coconut milk too.

  13. What a great post! The soup looks delicious, I wish I had a bowl right now. I really enjoyed the video, great job Jenny & Dom!


  14. Lovely Asian spread, from Japan to Thailand:)

  15. Looks so so delicious, and she is a beautiful and sexy lady the one on the photo.


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