Saturday, 30 July 2011

Random Recipes #6 - Round Up

well, what a month eh...? no kitchen (did I tell you I have no kitchen?) but so far I think i've survived... and I'm pleased to say it's all moving along swimmingly (and OK, I didn't get to do my own favourite cookbook random recipe, but I did do one none the less) ... and you guys haven't let me down in any way, in fact its been an embarrassment of riches and some lovely stories about your favourite books... I think we can safely say that Nigella wins hands down... gawd bless her...

 let's take a look at this months first arrival and it's Alice from Italian Inspiration, a very stylish blog if ever there was one, and her favourite cookbook...? It's Nigella's Kitchen (I think we may see a lot of Nigella this month) and she randomly chose her Roast Chicken with 40 cloves... which is one of my favourite things to eat so not so shabby!

next up is Corina from Searching for Spice who's favourite book is the brilliant Indian Food Made Easy by Anjum Anand, from which she randomly chose these stuffed chillies in yoghurt...

next we have the lovely Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog who convinced her other half to pop out and buy her a cookbook which then instantly became her most favourite... I see a pattern emerging in your life CT... and she's blaming you for the random selections and then skipping around with a shiney new halo... anyhoo, her favourite book is the new Green and Black's Ultimate (can't blame her really) especially when CT selected this stunning Choc Chip Mousse!

Kate, from Kate's Cakes and Bakes is guilty as charged as she flagrantly avoids the rules of the game and chooses these lovely Grilled peaches from her favourite book, Nigel Slaters Real Fast Food... brilliant post though!

Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen has gone for the healthy option with this delicious Seared Beef and Mushrooms from Top 200 Low Fat Recipes... its very virtuous that this is her favourite cook book isn't it?... pah!

Lou ans Steve from Please Do Not Feed The Animals! have come out trumps again with a feast of food. Lou's favourite book is Nigel Slaters Appetite (I think Nigel is very popular amongst us foodies...) and she got her kids to randomly select grilled vegetables for antipasto.  Steve's favourite book is Moro by Sam and Sam Clark... a very fine book if ever there as one, from which the kids chose Mezze... so a very Middle Eastern theme from them this month!

Manu and Bea from Cooking Manu made this very charming Hazelnut Cupcakes... photo supplied by a very proud Bea x

next up we have C from Cakes Crumbs and Cooking who made these very more-ish looking Nectarine and Redcurrant Muffins from On Baking by Sue Lawrence, a book which I feel I must now purchase...

Sam from Pistachio and Rose is a Random Recipes Virgin but talk about dedication... this didn't stop her randomly selecting this divine Mac and Cheese taken from Nigella Lawson's Christmas!... of all books to cook from in July!... good on you Sam and just look at this beauty...

Mel from Sharky Oven Gloves has made these glorious Baked Beef-stuffed tomatoes that were randomly selected from her favourite book, the brilliantly titled La Popote des Potes.

now on to another Random Recipe virgin, the very lovely Helen from Fuss Free Flavours with this rather delightfully titled Risi and Bisi taken from the genius, A Feast for the Eyes, evocative recipes and surprising tales, inspired by paintings in the National Gallery... phew!

Suvidha from Suvidha's Kitchen has made this very lovely looking Khamman Dhokla, she hasn't mentioned the book it's taken from but I love the look of it none-the-less!

Michelle from Food, Football and a Baby has come up trumps again with these unusual Mangalorean Biscuit Ambade taken from the Mangalore Ladies' Club Cookery Book... oh yes, I feel a purchase coming along...

Phil from As Strong as Soup has made this elegant looking Tomato and Chilli Jam... I love the sound of the heat in this and I also love the sound of Phil's favourite cookbook where he took the recipe from... Ballymaloe Cookery Course by Darina Allen

poor Angela from Free Angela had a bit of a kitchen disaster when she stuck very squarely to the rules and made and Oil Pie Crust she randomly selected from In The Kitchen with AWA, thank you for being brave Angela!

Lucy from The KitchenMaid waxes lyrically about Nigella's How to Eat... it really is a great book and I totally understand why she chose it as her favourite... and from it she tried really hard to randomly select this, humus with seared lamb and toasted pine nuts

and another Nigella recipe from none other than Michael from Me My Food and I... well, who else would he choose eh?... This time he chose these cheeky Ritzy Chicken Nuggets and Capery salad from the kiddy section of Feast... proving that it was truly a random recipe... nice work Michael!

Debbie from Cooking up a Storm in a Tea Cup went with her current favourite book, Sophie Dhal's Voluptuous Delights and randomly selected this rather yummy looking Baked Eggs with Swiss Chard

Next we have Victoria from 21st Century Urban Housewife who showered me with glorious praise in order to hide the fact that she had cheated slightly... it worked... i'm a sucker!... and her book was the brilliant Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi from which she chose this divine and very colourful Multi Vegetable Paella.

back to Nigella now and Aveen from Baking Obsessively who made two recipes from How to be a Domestic Goddess... I've said it before and I'll no doubt say it again, you MUST check out Aveen's stunning food photography... this month she made some Pineapple Chutney and some very cute Baby Bundts.

Ruth from Bread Milk and Blackberries was also spreading the love, thank-you, and made this rather strange but clearly tasty Grapefruit in Lemongrass and Ginger Syrup from Nigel Slaters brilliant Appetite

oh and let's not forget my effort this month and ok, whilst it's not from my favourite cook book, for which i'm sure you'll forgive me, (no kitchen remember...) it was randomly selected by The Viking and it was rather fabulous!



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