Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tomato Tarte with a baked egg

... i've started to clear out cupboards and organise the kitchen for the dreaded day next week when they actually take my kitchen away... they've been threatening it every week for the last three but as the extension building grows bigger and all the other work seems to be coming to completion I need to come to the realisation that it's time to move on out...

... so i'm packing everything away and taking the opportunity to have a good tidy up and throw out the junk... and i've been doing the same in the freezer, which will also be moved... and tucked away at the bottom was a roll of puff pastry that looked rather sorry for itself alongside a block of Lincolnshire Poacher that i'd frozen after i'd received that huge round of cheese for my birthday... I could feel a meal coming together... so I threw caution to the wind and have created this cheeky and super-easy 'fridge and freezer' little tarte!

Tomato Tarte with a Baked Egg

this is the kind of thing you see in those fancy cafes and think they look so sophisticated and time consuming and I can tell you now that couldn't be further from the truth... this is a super-easy... ten minute... but very impressive, construction-only type cooking that produces jaw-dropping results... can't be bad eh?

1 roll of ready made puff pastry
1 packet of vine-ripened tomatoes
5 tablespoons strong cheese - grated (I used 3 cheddar and 2 Lincolnshire Poacher but any cheese of your choice will work)
1 egg
plenty of salt and pepper and some rosemary

- slice the tomatoes and lay them into an oven proof roasting dish, drizzle liberally with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and roast for 20 mins on a low heat (160c)

- meanwhile, roll out your puff pastry sheet, score a line all the way round, about an inch in from the edge and grate your cheese on top.

- once the tomatoes are nice and roasted, lay them carefully on top of the cheese, add the rosemary and then crack an egg onto the whole thing

- bake in the oven until golden and melty, or until the egg is done...

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Another winner I suspect. Now where can I get some Lincolnshire Poacher in London? Neals Yard Dairy I hope?

  2. Gorgeous. I love puff pastry for making meals like this.

  3. Oooh I love when you can make something great out of just ingredients lurking in the bottom of the fridge/freezer - well done Dom!

  4. Many's the time we've made something similar to this. I love puff pastry, tomatoes and pretty much any cheese.

  5. Beautifully simple but very tasty! It's so satisfying to use up unloved ingredients, especially to such good effect, I don't think you can go wrong with pastry and cheese!

  6. Looks really professional.

    I hadn't thought to freeze cheese - thanks for the tip!

  7. And it does indeed look amazing and very tasty too. Being forced into having a clear out is sometimes a good thing, especially if it means you get a fabulous kitchen at the end of the process. Good Luck.

  8. Mmm! I don't normally like cracking an egg onto the top of anything other than a pan of bubbling butter, but I'll make an exception here! Can I come to clear-out dinner at your house? I'll bring the wine!

  9. looks so good, all the best for the new kitchen

  10. Looks very gourmet, not to mention colorful and delicious! Enjoy! Can't wait to see the kitchen reno!

  11. It's a nice feeling to have a good finding during the great clean up. I'm about to do the same sometime this year too, got to move house...

    Hope your kitchen is up to your scratch, whilst you are appreciating them with your sassy tart.

  12. ohhhh i do like a good tart! :)

  13. This tart looks lovely, Dom!!
    Nothing like a good cleansing of the kitchen :)

  14. I've got all the stuff to make this right now! mmm

  15. It really look like it could be in a food magazine Dom. Everything about it looks and sounds yummy. I bet Lincolnshire Poacher is a delicious cheese. I'm thinking it must have a good bite to it.


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