Sunday, 28 August 2011

Onion Toast - A Random Recipe

... time marches on and I really thought I would be proudly showing off my new kitchen to you all this weekend but alas it's not to be so... good news is that the main body of the kitchen is finished and painted which means the carpenter has finally been able to get started to put it all back together... my fabulous oven has been delivered and it's all very very exciting... it's these last few days that are simply too much to bare... I feel like a child on Christmas morning!

... and I held out and held out to make my random recipe because I so wanted to make it in the new oven...

... my cookbooks are scattered all over the house and I didn't really know how to pick a random book so I pulled the number 27 out of a hat and then walked around the house counting books... and number 27 is the excellent Great British Grub by Brian Turner... a collection of the nation's favourite dishes... its a celebration of British food from traditional Bacon and Egg Pie to the more unusual Beef Cecil's and I love it, so i'm very happy to have picked it... and my Random Recipe is Onion Toast, a little sophisticated twist on the traditional Welsh Rarebit.

Onion Toast
I really love this little recipe as it could easily be made for a quick light supper if you made your onions in advance and keep them in a fridge... or you could use an onion marmalade to really speed things up...

8oz medium onion -finely sliced
1tsp olive oil
3oz butter
2 slices of any yummy crusty bread
6 slices mature cheese, I used cheddar but the recipe recommends Lancashire or Wensleydale
1 tbsp mustard (of your choice... I used whole grain)

- gently heat the oil and butter in a pan and saute the onions until golden brown - this should take a slow 20 minutes

- toast the bread and spread some mustard onto one side of the cheese slices.

- place the cooked onions onto the toast, layer the cheese on top and bake in a hot oven until nice and melty

so simple, so so tasty, if a little 'burn the roof of my mouth off 'cos I ate it too quickly!'

oh and one last little thing... you are now officially reading a published food writer... if you get a chance to visit Lincolnshire this September, don't forget to pick up a copy of Lincolnshire Life Magazine...

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. That is totally my kind of food, as I love cheese, toast and onions ~ and what a great photo too!
    Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  2. Congratuations on being published; hope I can get this in Canada. what a nice treat full on oniony taste; love this.

  3. Congratulations on your first published article. The onion toast sounds delicious too.

  4. Sitting here with my morning coffee and Hurricane Irene pounding away outside ... such rain and bluster! Right out of 'Pooh's Blustery Day'...

    Reading with pride of your article in Lancastershire Life ... a proud day for you, Dom! Thinking I'll make your lovely onion toastie for my lunch!

  5. ... what can I say? It's early. That would be Lincolnshire Life ... haha!

  6. Congratulations Dom! Wonderful to see you have been published.
    Toast looks tasty too but it's not as exciting as your news about being published! And usually I'm all about the food!

  7. Oh Dom, that's awesome, it must be fun to see your writing in print. CONGRATULATIONS!! Make sure you but lots of copies. The onion toast looks delicious and would be great to serve on a smaller baguette as an appetizer. I was hoping to get to my challenge today but we are in the midst of a hurricane. I have several branches done already. We are hoping one of our huge pine trees crashes through the kitchen, and give us a head start to finally getting our new kitchen. LOL Just kidding of course.

  8. Looks really tasty - you can't go wrong with melted cheese though!

    Congrats on the article! Have you got any more in the pipeline?

  9. Thanks all for the lovely comments. I am of course rather proud. My thoughts go out to all of you on the East Coast! I hope you'll all be safe!!

  10. Nice recipe, ouch to burning your mouth,serves you right - greedy lol!

    Fingers crossed you are into your kitchen soon and congrats on getting published.

  11. YUM! This looks awesome! And so does that cookbook - very nice indeed! x

  12. The recipe looks fantastic and one that I'll be making for certain!

    Congrats on being published! You must be so happy and proud of your accomplishments! I can't wait to see the movie and read your cook book! You are working on one aren't you?

    Hurricane Irene is blowing through now, but she's been downgraded to a tropical storm! The winds and rain are insane!

    Happy cooking!

  13. Random and delicious Dom. I love this!

  14. Great Stuff Dom.

    Sorry I have failed with random recipes this month.

    In September I will do better!

  15. You big tease!! I'm dying to see a progress picture ;0)
    Although, I am more than happy to drool over this onion tart ... but I still can't wait to see your kitchen!

  16. Congratulations Dom - just the start of a very sucessful publishing career.

    This looks like a perfect Sunday evening meal.

  17. Thank you, I'm on the look out for great onion recipes, this should work well! I'm going to try this with my Roscoff onions and some Comte.

  18. very nice! I do like this it sounds a lovely combination. Sorry to hear the kithcen taking a while but will be so worth it when done. Meantime congrats on the writing gig!!

  19. YUM! And the mag looks fantastic, well done you! Can't wait for double-page spread of you in new kitchen with The Viking looking on adoringly... will I have to buy a copy of Hello! (Lincolnshire edition) for that?

  20. can't really go wrong with a cheese toastie and caramelised onions! that looks fab! and hope your kitchen gets done soon!

  21. I love any combination of cheese and onion. This sounds lovely.

  22. Wow I love your British village spirit, Dom! And congrats for the new job title too! You truly deserve it.

  23. Ciao Dom, this toast looks amazing and so yummy!! LOL

  24. Well done Dom - great to know a published food writer ;-)

    The onion toast looks delicious which I'm sure it was. I know I have a suspicious mind, but given you have no oven, you did happen to choose ... err ..... an appropriate recipe!

    Surely that kitchen can't be long in the offing now.

  25. Good news about the article...well done you...

    This really good by the way. Cheese and onion is just the best combination...

  26. @choclette... so cynical as ever! If you read the recipe it does actually require an oven for cheese melting for which I used my neighbour Tracey's god bless her. As it happens the page fell open with this recipe on one page and an ice cream recipe on the other and I actually chose this one because I KNEW you'd think I cheated! ...

  27. The onion toast looks so lovely Dom and yum! Great news about the article. Hope the kitchen will be done soon.

  28. Yummy! Congratulations on your published article. Look forward to seeing your new kitchen :)

  29. hello again!

    i just tagged you in this fun recap post thing, where you choose your top 7 posts so your readers (including me!) can get the chance to catch up on great posts that we've missed! hope you can play along (:


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