Monday, 1 August 2011

Random Recipes #7 - Back to Basics - and a book give-away

as July slips languorously into August like a weary hill-climber slips into a warm bath, so Random Recipes slips into its seventh month..!

and it looks as though I will be without my kitchen for at least another two weeks although we're coping quite well, with many friends and neighbours offering up their kitchens for our use, plus I always have the Gunby kitchen to fall back on... but I still can't bloody wait!

so this month, because I'm going back to basics with my new kitchen, plus I had many comments from new and old followers alike saying that you had no time last month and you'd love to take part this month,  so I thought we'd all go back to the beginning of the challenge and go with the original classic challenge...

... line up ALL your cookbooks

... give them a shuffle

... close your eyes and pick one book randomly

... close your eyes again and open the book at a random page

... cook that exact dish

... DO NOT CHEAT (you're only cheating yourself etc.. blah blah blah)

obviously you can do any of the above in any which way you choose... I know a lot of you have too many cookbooks to take down from the shelf but come-on, surely they're all due for a good dusting and re-shuffle anyway...?

and this month i'm giving away a fabulous prize to the MOST random of recipes... the lovely people at Pan Macmillan have given me a new copy of the recently re-published classic The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan, this is the ultimate bible on Italian cooking and is globally praised by many food writers and chefs... the new cover art is beautiful, well worthy of a place on any of your shelves... oh and this giveaway is open internationally, so no excuses!

usual rules apply, email me at with a link to your recipe, include a link back to my blog in your post as well as the Random Recipes logo.... and yes, you have to take part to be in with a chance of winning the book.

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Ooooh, I can't wait! It'll have to wait until I return from Italy in a couple of weeks. But that prize sure does look wonderful!

  2. done and done and no cheating this time!! i was cleaning up the kitchen today perfect excuse to shuffle up the books! :)

  3. Wonderful! I haven't got all my books on holiday, but a good selection of French and fish books so I'm going to have a go this month!

  4. When we moved 6 months ago we left behind most of our dozens of cookbooks, among them Hazan's. We never used it and used to joke that she was so fussy that the first direction for a tuna dish was "Charter a fishing boat."

  5. I can't wait to enter this month!! I PROMISE not to cheat!!
    (Is that why I wasn't in the round-up last month? Boo Hoo.
    :-((. )
    Only joking ha ha.
    Cool!! Loving the challenge!!

  6. Excellent!! I've not been able to take part the last couple of months but I'm really keen to try and make it this month.

  7. Oooh, I really REALLY want a copy of that book! It's been on my Amazon wishlist for ages and I keep stalking Ebay looking for a cheap copy. Can't believe it's been seven months already, that's gone really quickly :)

    I have to admit I will be cheating and using a random number generator. But I know you'll forgive me, because there isn't actually a room in my house big enough so I could line up all my cookbooks!

  8. I think I'd almost be able to tell many of my cookbooks by feel, even blindfolded, but the recipe would certainly be a surprise. Fun idea!

  9. Got the book and the recipe! Strangely the book is also called 'back to basics'. I swear I did not cheat Dom.

  10. Nothing like a prize to engender a bit of competitive spirit and good to get back to basics from time to time.

  11. Oh god... I got number 125 which is The Victory Cookbook by Marguerite Patten. Haven't chosen a recipe yet but I'm not eating spam for anyone!

  12. Sounds good to me... can't wait!

  13. Is it unethical to charity shop some of my cookbooks before selection begins! Might have to, just in case we end up cooking Nigellas Christmas turkey!

  14. Horay! I'm very excited to be taking part again, I do own several Christmas cookbooks so let's hope I don't pick from one again!!

  15. I love this challenge but I can't take part because I don't own a cookbook. I have a grand total of one which my sisters gave me for my birthday last year but it's in london. in singapore I have none because the way my mum cooks, it's really by gut feel and instinct and she learns by trial and error/from her mum-- she finds it amusing when I copy recipes from the net. haha. all the same, i can't wait to see the entries(:

  16. What fun! I'm in for sure this month!

  17. Can I cheat and pick something at random from my review pile? Please!

  18. i love that her too...

    i have to try and get on the wagon with this !!!!


  19. I would love to have been part of this Dom, maybe next time :)
    Thanks for sharing.

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